Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WTF Wednesday- Spending Habits

I've been out of work for 2 months and wow my spending habits are very different now compared to when I was making money.  We are down to 1 income.  That alone is stressful but we had to do some changes to our lifestyle too!

Eating Out: Before quitting my job we went out to eat 2-3 times a week now maybe 1 time.  If we do go out its not at the cool family restaurant we used to dine at its like McDonald's or KFC now.  Just wrong.  This past weekend we felt like going out to breakfast and guess where we went, Denny's EWWW!  The kids liked it but I'm a bit picky and like my sausage to taste like sausage not mystery meat. It will be a long time before we do that again.

Grocery Shopping: I used to buy whatever was on sale and work around that.  Nope I need a list and what is on the list is what I buy.  If there is something on sale I might get it but it has to be a damn good sale.  My weekly budget is $100- try feeding 4 people on that but it works and we all have to stuck it up we don't have the abundance of food in the pantry.  You have to work with what you got.  I don't spend on frivolous things anymore.  I tend to put stuff back too! 

Treats:  I used to get a latte/mocha pretty much every day and now its like one every 2 weeks when I have a little spending change.  When I say change I mean quarters, dimes, nickels man I saved up for that white chocolate mocha and yes on the whip cream!  Also the kids don't get that weekly ice cream treat anymore.  I make ice pops out of juice now. 

Shoes/Clothes:  We haven't bought any summer clothes and we need them so next week I'm taking $100 and going to a consignment store to see what I can find.  Kids will be fine with used gear they don't need to know what store, right.  But I am having purse withdraws but as my kids have pointed out many times....Mom you have way too many purses!  Ugh! 

Entertainment:  What is that?  Going to the movies is what we enjoyed a lot.  Nope none of that going on anymore. We have Netflix and we enjoy that so it's all good.  We might pick up a bootleg movie at the flea market next time.  Reading is a great source of entertainment and we have been some reading fools with the library right up the street and its FREE! 

I make light of my spending these days but it was also a BIG EYE OPENER on just how much money I was wasting.  We have been finding free stuff to do and we are just FINE! 

Now if I can just get my hubby to stop stressing we might make it through this hard bump in the road. 
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