Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do you love Blog Contests?

I LOVE CONTESTS....have I won anything, not yet but someday I hope so!  I have made some cool blogger friends. 

I go to this great blog that allows other bloggers to post their contests and it is all family friendly.  I'm going now to check out what contests are listed for today.

http://blog.nickels-n-dimes.com/  please join me in the FUN! 

Also Nickels-n-Dimes posts about freebies, coupons and more goodies for families.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Photographers-Amazon.com Daily Deal is for YOU!

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More Than Bargains- I think is DEAD

I did an upgrade about 3 weeks ago and every since then my site has been f**ked up!  I'm so sad because its 2yrs of work but I learned some valuable lessons and will move on!

Instead of starting a new site on wordpress I will just come back to blogger.  Wordpress has horrible customer service and the help you get on the forums either don't get answered or you get someone who you think is giving you assistance actually is giving you sabotage instructions.  I was told to this and that and it would be all fixed...haha it erased EVERYTHING and I was stuck.  Go anyhoo...moving on!

So I've decided I'm going to post the deals/freebies/workshop info/family stuff on here plus so much more.  One blog!  Let's see if it works- if not oh well I least gave it a shot. 

Looking forward to a wonderful 2010!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010-What will it bring

darn if I know!

My saying for 2010 is GO BIG IN 2010.  Not even sure where I picked that up at but hey it works.

Resolutions....ummm I make them but then I break them or don't even do them.  So lets set some GOALS-see word change and its all good.

~Loose weight....of course!  That means I need to eat healthier (have been working on that for awhile now) and maybe I should hop on the Wii Fit that hasn't seen my booty in a couple months.  I know I know!  Kids and I have been walking a lot so that's helping. My boss said I lost a lot weight...well she only sees me once a month so of course I look different, lol!

~Relationships...need to work on all of them.  I need to make an effort to call my grandparents more...just not on holiday's!  Okay I also need to let go of some anger issues and communicate with my dad more.  Sometimes I just want him to feel how I felt when I was young and he was too busy for me.  But I guess tit for tat is not good at my age.  My hubby and I have a really good relationship now but we need to find time alone and go on dates!

~Job Issues....I'm always saying I want to quit the cafe but its good money for the 2 days plus I LOVE my customers but I'm getting old and you should see me after a hard day at work-can't move/in pain!  I'm working more on the online job I have and I want to show him that I can do a lot more.  I want to become a virtual assistant.  I love working from home and want to work more on making that a FULL-TIME gig!

~Kids...I want to get them into dance and swimming for sure this year.  Lil Man has mad skills dancing and Lil Mama has her heart on swimming.  We are reading a lot more and I love that because I'm a big reader and want my kids to enjoy the same love of books as I do!

~Blogs....work on both every week!  Try to post daily but I also know that won't happen so why stress myself out about that!  I want to meet more bloggers and have my own community.  Maybe hook up with more bargain mama's and start a forum. 

I know there are more stuff but if I make the list too long then I give up and nothing will get accomplished! 

GO BIG IN 2010!!!

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