Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lil Mama needs to learn how to play by herself.

I can't be her 24hr play buddy.  I have things to do!  She is 5 1/2 and never plays by herself and if she does someone has to be in the same room.  Never plays in her bedroom

So the whining started at 8am...someone please play with me, I have no one to play with, I'm bored.  All day I've been hearing this in between the fighting and the crying.  It is raining so I can't take them outside.  The kids have been fighting ALL DAY. 

I've set her up with many different things to do all day...nothing works!  She wants someone right there by her side.  Can you tell I'm a bit stressed.  Yesterday, I spent all day with her- we played monopoly 2x, art stuff, movie-2 of them, and 2 walks.  Today I had house stuff to do and she complained all day and had to be everywhere I went.  I tried to take a shower by myself and she had to sit on the toilet the whole time.  Lil Man he plays very well by himself why can't Lil Mama.  I'm not asking all the time because I enjoy her but somedays I have things I need to do. When do they go back to school????  1 more week.  Ok rant over!

Bad Words and Lil Man!

I saw F**K head and B**tch in his journal.  He saw the look on my face and ripped out the page real fast and started tearing it up in pieces.  I wasn't invading his privacy he had the notebook and was holding it to his chest while talking to me. I asked him to talk to me about it and he started crying and said he wrote it about a girl who is at his school who is really bad! Pretty much every kid has issues with her.  She loves to pick on Lil Man.  Ugh!  Then it hit me...where did you learn to write those words.  Guess what the answer was....the bad ass the kids that we used to live by.  So happy we moved!

My hubby and I had a talk with him about using those words. We want him to express himself and gave him suggestions on different words to use instead of the adults words.  He thought he would be in a lot of trouble but as a parent I felt this was a learning experience for all of us.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My hubby~Thank You

Well sometimes as you can see from previous posts I just want to scream WTF is wrong with you but other times I just look at him like I did the first day I met him with those goo goo eyes!   Yesterday, I came home from work and he had the house clean, laundry worked on, kids alive, and made a yummy dinner.  He made sure I didn't have to do much and I was able to relax.  What a man!  I appreciate him and he doesn't know it but I brag a lot about what a wonderful husband I have to my customers.  Last year at this time I wasn't quite sure if we would have made it but we did and have even grown as a couple.   Looking forward to a wonderful year and more growth in our relationship.  When I see him trying I want to try even more!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My cookies SUCKED

well that is what Lil Mama said after she tried my chocolate chip cookies then turned around and spit it all in the garbage can. 

That's what I get for substituting baking powder for baking soda.  We didn't have baking soda so I checked online and it said to use 3x the baking powder and it will be fine.  Ummmmm NO!  They didn't even look like chocolate chip cookies.  But we continued because the kids were having a blast so... SO WHAT if the cookies suck we still had fun and that was the point. 

I guess I have to thank my horrible baking skills because I probably would have gained at lest 5lbs on the cookies we made.  They made great decorations.  I need practise on my baking. 

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fighting about money

I hate fighting over money with my hubby!  We have a weird way of dealing with money as a married couple and its hard to find the right balance.  We split everything down the middle.  This began when we dated and let me tell you it bothered me then and it bothers me NOW.  I make more money some months then he does because I have 3 jobs.  When the airbrush business is good then all is good.  He told me yesterday that I spent too much money on the kids...well dude it my amazon associate gift cards that I used for 50% of what they got.

Yes, they got spoiled but everything I bought was at least 30-80% off.  He is just upset I didn't spoil him....that stopped years ago when after the 3rd year of being together and he wouldn't even make the effort to make me gift then I threw in the bag.  Before I get comments about how Xmas is not about how much money you spend.....I KNOW that is my point to my husband over the years so I gave up!  He would be opening up presents I made and/or bought as happy as a clam and there I sit with nothing...I guess I'm still bitter because nothing has changed.  He still goes out on Xmas Eve to Walgreens/Long's Drug store and buys me crap....I want something from his heart!  Maybe a portrait (because that is what he does) of our kids....I gave that idea to him many times.  Okay now this post has turned in a RANT about my hubby's gift giving, lol!  So let's get back on track.....

Okay I spent more on the kids this year than other years...ok fine but who is it hurting.  When we moved I threw away a lot of their toys so we have room.  We have a beautiful tree and decorations up everywhere so why not have a WONDERFUL Christmas.  For the last 3 years I haven't really been int he Xmas spirit so let me have this year.  Plus my kids are 5 and 8 this is all about the presents anyways if we are really honest.  

We are going to have a beautiful Christmas filled with love, family, friends, and guess what a lot of  PRESENTS for the kids!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

WanChai Ferry~Orange Chicken

I was sent this Dinner Kit to try and WOW my family really enjoyed it. It was soooooo easy to cook too and let me say we saved a lot of money not eating out at our FAV Chinese Restaurant.

The only suggestion I would have is if you have 4 people make more rice.

This gets a big THUMBS UP and I plan to buy more flavors plus this one again.

I highly recommend this product and if you would like a coupon please visit: http://www.wanchaiferry.com/products.aspx

Helping at the school

I do my part!!! I'm room parent for both kids class. When the teacher needs emails or anything else done-I'm on it! I'm lead parent on the library committee and I do FREE BOOK FRIDAY-every Friday! I enjoy these tasks!

But when my child calls and says there are NO PARENTS to go to the elder center today so mom can you come please. Of course I am but GEEZ I do have more to do in the days....like my JOB. I feel like I'm spending way too much time at the school and not able to do what I need to do at home.


Oh My Goodness...

It's been a long time since I wrote on this blog!

I really need to start writing on here more often. As a family we have had a lot happen in the last couple months. WE MOVED! Yep we made the big plunge but we stayed in the BAY AREA! This move is a blessing in soooooo many ways.

MORE SPACE~ Oh my I can't even explain to you how cramped I felt in the old house. My friend just told me she hated coming over to my other house because it was so dark and dreary, try living in that for 6yrs. I was going crazy and was just not happy! Couldn't really cook or do anything in the kitchen but NOW I have a huge kitchen with a beautiful marble island in the middle.

NO MORE BAD KIDS~ This was my biggest STRESS factor at the old house. The 2 kids next door were mean and nasty. The boy is 1 yr older than Lil Man and he made sure Lil Man knew that everyday. This kid chipped my kids front teeth and the mommy didn't do anything- oh don't get me started on the mom, lol! The little girl was just pure mean, she loved to flip me off and pick on Lil Mama. I don't miss....Mommy she is hitting me, Mommy she yelled in my face, Mommy she called me a lil bitch. Yep a 6yr old would call my 5yr old a little bitch....wonder where she got that phrase! So happy we don't live by them anymore! Love our new neighborhood kids!

COMMUTE~ Oh my this was a big stress factor too. Getting into traffic everyday and dealing with bad ass drivers, rude people and the kids fighting in the back seat because they didn't like being in the car that long in the morning. Now its a five minute drive and I can't wait for it to get nice and sunny so we can WALK. I put in $20 a week and that lasts about 10 days. We have everything around us so we don't have to go far....LOVIN IT!

I'm a much happier person since we moved....and if Mommy is happy than everyone is happy :)

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