Thursday, December 29, 2011


Of course every year I hear "What is YOUR New Year Resolution?"  and every year it is the SAME!
  • Get Organized
  • Loose Weight
  • Clutter Free My House
  • Eat Healthier
Am I asking too much or doing too little?  I little a both.  I'm a PROCRASTINATOR and as much as I try to ignore that fact it still happens.  So I guess what I need to work on this year is my PROCRASTINATION because than everything else can fall in place.  Baby Steps...right?

Planning stuff out seems to help me a lot!  Plus reminders on my phone and iPad has been helpful.  I need to PLAN out my days and then I can stick to a schedule.  

I want to be a REHABILITATED PROCRASTINATOR in 2012- my goal for the year. 

Found a cool article in my email box to day that might just help: Seven Easy Ways to Get Organized for the New Year Read more: Seven Easy Ways to Get Organized for the New Year - Good Housekeeping

I have a notebook, planner and digital organization apps on my iPad and I WILL USE THEM in 2012.

What are your favorite ORGANIZATION TIPS or how to STOP PROCRASTINATION?

A site that has given me some cool tips has a monthly calendar full of tips! http://www.clutterdietblog.com/

January: http://www.clutterdiet.com/handouts/ClutterDiet-31Tips31Days2012.pdf

Oh yeah I signed up for a Time Management Email Course: http://www.effective-time-management-strategies.com/time-management-course.html

Being a procrastinator effects every part of my life so I need to make this change!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Stress- Happy it's OVER!

I'm saying HOLIDAY because these days you don't know who celebrates what so best to keep it simple- just my opinion!  Anyways, whatever holiday you celebrate are you happy it is OVER?  I know I AM!

Holiday's stress me out!  I have 3 b'days to deal with in the same month and its so overwhelming.  Yes, I say "oh I'll start early next year" but to be honest I don't.  That's my fault I know.  Doing the day to day stuff plus adding into getting ready for something several months down the road is not in my mind-frame!  Maybe one year this might work but that means I need to stop being a "procrastinator" and good luck with that one.

I feel like I let everyone down when I don't send holiday cards out, bake cookies, or buy gifts for everyone in the family.  That's a lot of stress to put on someone who doesn't plan ahead at all. I could say my New Years resolution could be "I'm going to be more organized" but I say that every year, lol.  So then when I don't do those things I get all depressed and get in that "I SUCK" mode that hovers over me for the whole month!

I try my hardest to make it the best Xmas for the kids and I do get that done!  We are not the religious family on the block so yes its about the presents- sorry.  I have one kid who doesn't believe in Santa and one who LOVES Santa so I adjust to that.  This year I let Lil Man set out the half eaten cookies and the empty milk cup.  He wanted to bring up "Santa's" presents but I said "I still want him to enjoy the excitement of surprise in the morning" so off to bed he went.

Cooking Christmas dinner is also a chore I wasn't looking forward  (I'm not of fan of cooking, remember) to  but I didn't stress over it and it was a wonderful dinner that the four of us enjoyed.  Still enjoying Ham sandwiches!

Biggest STRESS what not being with FAMILY!  I hate living so far away from my family (only in December though) but we Skyped and that was fun watching my grandma (90 something) figure out why I was talking out of a laptop.

Now CLEANING up after the holiday is just a lost cause until all kids go back to school!

So I guess now I have to think about my 2012 plans/resolutions- so stay tuned for that. :)

Maybe I should do this next year:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Freebies~ Ebooks from Amazon.com

I haven't read them yet but I will soon! I wanted to share this FREEBIES before they goes away. If they are good I'll let you know.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

FREEBIE: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Devotional Stories for Tough Times

This free e-book works on all e-readers -- Kindle, Nook, iPad, Kobo, iPod Touch, iPhone, and others, and all generations of them. Don't worry, if you don't have an e-reader you can still enjoy this free book on your computer.  

To download from Amazon: http://amzn.to/shsW6O 
To download from Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/tYS2cB
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To download from Kobo Books: http://bit.ly/uMSyrX

Thank you~ Shelton Interactive and Chicken Soup for the Soul

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iCaughtSanta.com 1/2 off CODE! GREAT GIFT IDEA

Wouldn't it be so cool to put a picture of Santa in the kids stocking this year with him somewhere in your house!  Kids will go crazy seeing that Santa was in their house!  I showed the pic I made to my daughter and she LOVED it and is so excited to see if Santa takes a picture this year too!

I ran a contest earlier this week and 5 codes were given away!  However, if you are still interested in getting your picture you can enter this code: SANTA50 and get your entire order for 1/2 price! Even SHARE the code with family and friends!  iCaughtSanta.com is a unique website that helps visitors create those memorable keepsake photos.

In three simple steps anyone can upload a holiday photo, add Santa Claus and print it as proof… or share it via Facebook and Twitter. Last-minute shoppers can purchase Gift Cards and eGift Certificates for loved ones with children, making iCaughtSanta.com a great gift idea even if you don't have kids yourself.

Remember to go to  iCaughtSanta.com  and enter SANTA50 and get your entire order 1/2 off!

Have a blessed holiday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I LOVE My Chore Pad App!!!

I won this app from http://www.random-dealz.com/ a couple weeks ago and let me tell you it's the best prize I have won in a long time!!  It was easy to set up and you can customize it so it fits your household! I was having a hard time getting my kids to do chores around the house- just little stuff like put away their clothes.  They are 10 and 7 1/2 so they are old enough to do somethings around the house.  Now they fight on who is going to do what!  So I had to assign morning tasks for one and night time tasks for the other.  I don't push it either- if they want the points they do the chore if they don't want the points then they don't have to! 

When I first set it up I was thinking the newness would wear off in a week or so but they are still going strong.  They are both going towards the goal of the DATE WITH MOM, which is the highest reward :)!  I also put homework and reading as chores (even though I didn't have to fight them to these) I wanted them to get points for these tasks as well.  During the winter break homework/reading was assigned but this time they are actually doing it without the "ohh's and aww's not now mom"

The best thing is my house is CLEAN and I got help!  Every morning they check the list and through out the day do their chores.  They don't get points if I already did the chore though.  The only thing they haven't been doing is the dishes chore...darn because that is my least favorite chore.  But hey I'm just super excited their rooms are clean :)

I also put on a behavior chore- be nice to sibling worth 3 points.  With the winter break they are fighting like cat and dogs!  So lets see if this works, just put it on there today. 

If you want to more info check out http://www.nannek.com/chorepad.html

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Guilt Go Away!

This has been a HARD year on everyone and you can really feel it around the holidays.  I do understand that Christmas is not about the most or best presents but as a parent I feel bad I'm not able to get my kids what they want. 

I took some time off work this year that caused us some financial struggles and of course we are feeling it big time now.  So in my head I feel like I messed up our family Christmas.  I wish now I wouldn't have left my job because just maybe we wouldn't be in this hole we are in.  I hated telling my family (husband, mom, dad, older son, teachers, and friends) that Christmas will be late this year.  Now these people totally understand and are okay with this but it still hurts to tell them that.  Yes, I do understand Christmas is not about presents.  I still feel bad!

Last month I did do some shopping so I do have a couple presents to give them but this will be the smallest Christmas they ever had.  As a mom I feel the Christmas guilt!  I know my mom felt it too when we were growing up and I learned so much from her so I know I will be able to make this a special holiday no matter what!  We all go through the highs and lows and this year is a LOW and hopefully we will turn it around next year!

We have food, shelter, clothing, family, friends, and lots of LOVE so we will be just fine! 

I will make this a wonderful holiday for the kids though- no matter what!

Who is Nicole Scherzinger??

For the life of me I had NO IDEA who Nicole Scherzinger was until I did a search. Man, I feel bad now that I didn't know who she was!

She is a judge on the X-factor and all season I was wondering who the heck she was and I finally looked her up! She was a PussyCat Doll Lead Singer!

Well this was just a mindless post that doesn't have much content but it answered a question I was wondering and so there! ;) 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twitter Blast~ Win A $100 Amazan.com Gift Card

Want to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card? Who wouldn't!!! I know I DO!

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GOOD LUCK!!!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win It Wednesday 12/14- iCaughtSanta.com Review & Giveaway

Oh I can't wait to PRINT this out and show my kids!  Lil Man doesn't believe anymore, some grown adult (won't name names) told him Santa isn't real last year and he has been teasing his sister like crazy.  I've explained to him that I would like him to stop and just let his sister BELIEVE until she doesn't anymore- he agreed.  So when I print this out they are both going to LOVE IT!  This is our tree from last year and with the help from http://www.icaughtsanta.com/ I was able to place Santa in the picture with 3 easy steps! 

What a cute gift idea!  This was super easy and I love it!!!

If you want to surprise your family with a picture with Santa in your living room by the tree, or going down the chimney or even eating the cookies then ENTER my giveaway. You can pick from 20 different Santa poses. You will be able to change his size, brightness and color. You can also add a border if you choose- like I did!



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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using MomBlogSociety.com Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Birthday...TODAY!

Yesterday I was quite grumpy about today....something about getting an year older is not a happy moment I guess. Anyways, woke up today and the LOVE I felt from my kids was so special it took all those feelings away!

The kids this morning sang me the Birthday Song 3 different ways and guess what didn't argue, fight or talk back- why can't that happen EVERY DAY!! 

I had the best cup of coffee and I was able to drink the whole cup without any interruptions.  What a difference that makes!  I got on Facebook and WOW the FB LOVE was amazing!  On holidays FB really allows you to reach out to people and let them know how you feel without buying the card and sending it :).  Got to LOVE FB!

Got a gift from one of my BFF's a beautiful shirt and scarf- of course in my FAV color PINK!  She ROCKS big time.  She came and picked up the kids for school so I even got a hug too!

I do have to work today (normally I don't work on Tues) but I will make the most of it plus it's only for a couple hours and I get a wonderful lunch out of it- so it's all good. 

My family says I will be chilling for the rest of the day so I will take that as I don't have to lift a finger today- as a mom/wife- best gift ever!  And I don't care what my house looks like until tomorrow morning :)!!!

Here are the HOMEMADE CARDS the kids made for me:  (I rather have them make me a card then buy one) Also in my son's card he is pointing his finger not holding a gun (I had to ask because I was going to freak out...lol)- he said he wanted me to know he was pointing at Lil Mama!  Than he looked at me and rolled his eyes when I said it looked like a gun.

Today I turn 40 something and so far its a wonderful day.  Tonight the kids are making me French Bread Pizza- one of my FAV dinners! 

Thursday it is Lil Man's B'day!

Monday, December 12, 2011

FREE BLOGGER SIGN UP~ $100 Amazon Twitter Blast

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Makobi Scribe and Madame Deals are hosting a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway that they have opened up to other bloggers to participate in for free- how awesome is that! So generous- THANK YOU!

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blogging Guilt!

Wow I had blogging guilt yesterday!  I was doing so good this week blogging everyday and then Fri/Sat came and nothing!  Why you say~ well Fri/Sat I work as a waitress and when I get home the last thing I want to do is THINK about anything but laying my tired old body on the couch, LOL!  But the real reason is when I get home I have other responsibilities that take up my time- darn wife/mom duties.  Of course I'm going to take care of my family before I take care of my blog. 

The guilt came in when I was laying down after cleaning up (I'm still fighting a cold) and it took all of me not to get up and go to the computer.  STOP PAM- I needed rest because this cold has been hanging around all week. 

So I have decided to ease the BLOGGING GUILT and schedule posts.  I can write a couple posts to cover on those days I just don't want to blog!  I have to give it up to everyone that blogs everyday!!! 

What I learned this week is Blogging has become more than a hobby.  Wow- it took several years but I now have the blogging bug.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Twitter Tools Thursday- Tweepi

I love Twitter but sometimes I get a bit bogged down on all the tweets on my page that are not relevant to me. So at the end of the month ( or maybe every other month) I go to my FREE VERSION of Tweepi and do a major clean up! 

If you want to CLEAN UP your TWITTER acount then I highly recommend: http://tweepi.com/

This is is what my dashboard is telling me TODAY: 

Manage your Twitter account

You are following 731 tweeps who are not following you back. Flush »

420 tweeps are following you, but you're not following them back. Reciprocate »

Is your Twitter stream getting crowded with tweets? You are following 3665 users, why not unfollow some. Cleanup »

Follow new tweeps

Want to follow new users based on which tweeps they're interested in? Try following an @user's followers. Follow followers »

Got a role model and you want to follow who he or she is following? Follow friends »

Many interesting lists out there. Want to follow a select few users from a certain list? Tweepi's follow by list makes it super easy to do so. Follow list »

Want to copy/paste a comma separated list of Twitter users and analyze them in Tweepi's awesome table? Try this. Paste & analyze »

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Win It Wednesday~ List YOUR Giveaway!

I don't have a giveaway this week but I've been entering like crazy!

Here is a list of some COOL GIVEAWAYS I've entered:
I will enter every giveaway listed. No rules this time~just a place to list your GIVEAWAY!
If you have a giveaway please link

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tip Tuesday~ Getting Kids to HELP Around the House!

I know I struggle with this EVERYDAY.  I want the HELP of course but then I always say "no I'll do it" knowing I will do a better job and won't have to go over it.  Now what is that teaching my kids....absolutely NOTHING!  So now when I ask for help...I don't get it, I only have myself to blame (but don't tell them that!). 

I picked up this book from Borders " How To Clean Your Home Fast by Vicki Christian" a while back but I had it out and I was looking at it last night.  I came across a great chapter~ Chapter 3- Recruit Your Kids to Help. 

  1. Set a GOOD example for your kids "Monkey see, Monkey do". (sounds reasonable)
  2. Ease children into doing chores as they grow.  (don't make your 3 year old do laundry--lol..ok got it)
  3. Music- play kid's music/favorite songs and they might just surprise you by helping.  (not sure if that would work with my kids- they would be dancing and singing not cleaning- but I get the idea)
  4. Use a egg timer to clock each chore as a game.   Reward the kids with the fastest times (ummmm not sure if I like this one due to if they go fast they won't really do a good job. So maybe I can tweak this one into something else like: I can use the egg timer  to do a 15 minute clean-up,  we turn on the music and clean for 15 minutes.)
  5. Initiate a NO FOOD NO DRINK policy in the kids room.  ( I do have that policy but my son seems to FORGET that rule when we are sleeping- he is a night time food sneaker and then leaves the evidence either on kitchen table or in room)
  6. Plan your kids cleaning routine and STICK TO IT~! (I need to do that)
  7. Ask them to help wash, dry, fold and put away a load each day.  Doing this will cut down on the weekend mountain of laundry.  (simple request- haha)

Rewarding~ now I have my pro's and con's about this!  How I was raised is HELP MOM no matter what- You just do it!  A Happy Mom makes a Happy House- is my motto.  As for rewarding- okay if that is what is going to make them help, fine but it has to be something simple- not $$$! Because if I have to pay my kids to help around the house I might as well pay a housecleaning service and then I know it would get done properly.  But then I wouldn't be teaching them any responsibility!  Fine- chore chart with reward stickers will be a must do this week!

It's $ .99!

How do you get your kids to help around the house???

ALSO~ I was just entering some giveaways and came across this one that I would LOVE to win:

http://www.random-dealz.com/2011/11/chore-pad-app-review-and-giveaway-8.html   as much I want to keep the numbers down so I could win, as a MOM I have to share this giveaway.  If I don't win I will buy it :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Market Monday~ Toothy The Tooth Ferry

My kid's school held a Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday and there were some AWESOME vendors there!  Several of them were moms so I wanted to do a little shout about their cool items.

My kid's FAVORITE was the Toothy The Tooth Ferry!  A pillow where you can place the tooth inside a pocket and then the tooth fairy doesn't have to pick up your child's head to find the tooth under their pillow. It's a win win situation- what a cute product!  Want to know more~ check out the FACEBOOK PAGE~ https://www.facebook.com/#!/ToothytheToothFerry and if you like their page can you let them know I sent you! 

Also WONDERFUL story about Tooth The Tooth Ferry~ https://www.facebook.com/#!/ToothytheToothFerry?sk=info

I have to admit I suck at being the tooth fairy- I've forgotten more times than I want to say and it has COST me big time!  I even told lil mama one morning I forgot to email the tooth fairy~ really... what I will say to stay out trouble with lil mama.  She got one of these pillows on Saturday and one of the first things she said was "Now that I have a "Toothy" the Tooth Fairy shouldn't have any problems finding my tooth".  Guess I better step up my game!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is December Stressful For You Too??

Oh my!!!  My head always spins in many different directions during December- the most stressful month of the year.  My husband's b'day is Dec 6th, mine is Dec 13th and my son's is the Dec 15th.  As a mom and wife I tend to be forgotten during this time- which I will nod my head and say it's OK but deep down I'm thinking "REALLY ANOTHER YEAR!".  Now don't get me wrong I'm not bitching or whining- just stating a fact and probably a fact that a lot of moms go through.  We will sacrifice for our kids and husband and not think twice.  But deep down it hurts a bit!

Hubby is stressing on money right now (I am too) and then Lil Man wanting a b'day party and of course gifts.  I wish I could make it all better for my hubby and give my son everything he wants but guess what NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  However, we will get through it and on Dec 26th we will remind each other how stressful this month was and make a promise to shop earlier next year, LOL!  And the vicious cycle begins again on Dec 1 2012! 

Don't even get me started on Christmas!  I told my hubby everyone is getting homemade stuff and airbrushed pillowcases.  I love the fact my hubby is an airbrush artist and I can fall back on him for gifts!

Sshhh...don't tell Lil Mama but she is getting a Justin Beiber one and Lil Man is getting Oakland Raiders pillowcase. 

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