Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Guilt Go Away!

This has been a HARD year on everyone and you can really feel it around the holidays.  I do understand that Christmas is not about the most or best presents but as a parent I feel bad I'm not able to get my kids what they want. 

I took some time off work this year that caused us some financial struggles and of course we are feeling it big time now.  So in my head I feel like I messed up our family Christmas.  I wish now I wouldn't have left my job because just maybe we wouldn't be in this hole we are in.  I hated telling my family (husband, mom, dad, older son, teachers, and friends) that Christmas will be late this year.  Now these people totally understand and are okay with this but it still hurts to tell them that.  Yes, I do understand Christmas is not about presents.  I still feel bad!

Last month I did do some shopping so I do have a couple presents to give them but this will be the smallest Christmas they ever had.  As a mom I feel the Christmas guilt!  I know my mom felt it too when we were growing up and I learned so much from her so I know I will be able to make this a special holiday no matter what!  We all go through the highs and lows and this year is a LOW and hopefully we will turn it around next year!

We have food, shelter, clothing, family, friends, and lots of LOVE so we will be just fine! 

I will make this a wonderful holiday for the kids though- no matter what!
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