Monday, December 5, 2011

Market Monday~ Toothy The Tooth Ferry

My kid's school held a Holiday Bazaar this past Saturday and there were some AWESOME vendors there!  Several of them were moms so I wanted to do a little shout about their cool items.

My kid's FAVORITE was the Toothy The Tooth Ferry!  A pillow where you can place the tooth inside a pocket and then the tooth fairy doesn't have to pick up your child's head to find the tooth under their pillow. It's a win win situation- what a cute product!  Want to know more~ check out the FACEBOOK PAGE~ https://www.facebook.com/#!/ToothytheToothFerry and if you like their page can you let them know I sent you! 

Also WONDERFUL story about Tooth The Tooth Ferry~ https://www.facebook.com/#!/ToothytheToothFerry?sk=info

I have to admit I suck at being the tooth fairy- I've forgotten more times than I want to say and it has COST me big time!  I even told lil mama one morning I forgot to email the tooth fairy~ really... what I will say to stay out trouble with lil mama.  She got one of these pillows on Saturday and one of the first things she said was "Now that I have a "Toothy" the Tooth Fairy shouldn't have any problems finding my tooth".  Guess I better step up my game!
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