Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is December Stressful For You Too??

Oh my!!!  My head always spins in many different directions during December- the most stressful month of the year.  My husband's b'day is Dec 6th, mine is Dec 13th and my son's is the Dec 15th.  As a mom and wife I tend to be forgotten during this time- which I will nod my head and say it's OK but deep down I'm thinking "REALLY ANOTHER YEAR!".  Now don't get me wrong I'm not bitching or whining- just stating a fact and probably a fact that a lot of moms go through.  We will sacrifice for our kids and husband and not think twice.  But deep down it hurts a bit!

Hubby is stressing on money right now (I am too) and then Lil Man wanting a b'day party and of course gifts.  I wish I could make it all better for my hubby and give my son everything he wants but guess what NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  However, we will get through it and on Dec 26th we will remind each other how stressful this month was and make a promise to shop earlier next year, LOL!  And the vicious cycle begins again on Dec 1 2012! 

Don't even get me started on Christmas!  I told my hubby everyone is getting homemade stuff and airbrushed pillowcases.  I love the fact my hubby is an airbrush artist and I can fall back on him for gifts!

Sshhh...don't tell Lil Mama but she is getting a Justin Beiber one and Lil Man is getting Oakland Raiders pillowcase. 

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