Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost Summer- Now What??

Now I have to think of SUMMER PLANS. My brain is totally fried from being home school teacher the last 2 months. Here are some things we will be doing!

SWIMMING at local pool~ the kids LOVE this.  It's open from 2:30- 5pm M-F and I usually buy the 10 visit for $10 (or $1.50 per day) but this doesn't open until June 25th.

BOWLING~ Kids can go everyday for FREE (just pay for shoe rental) this is NATIONWIDE.  Free bowling available until 8 p.m., 7 days a week. AMF summer is May 14 – Sept. 3, 2012.  Just sign up https://freebowling.amf.com/.  You print out daily vouchers.  We were a bit disappointed that our local bowling alley wasn't on the list BUT when we went in there they have their own program.  Bay Area peeps~ sign up here for Albany Bowl.

MOVIES~ Some movie theaters offer Free/Discount Kid Movies during the summer.  The AMC near us stopped their summer program (boo hiss) but there is a couple other theaters we can go to!  Check out Cinemark $1.00 summer movies HERE.  Regal $1.00 summer movies HERE.  When I read the movie selection to my kids they looked at me like I was silly then told me they were too old for those....ummm NEVER too old for Happy Feet- what are you talking about!  They just giggled at me.  So I guess I might have to bring them once a month to $5 Tuesday at our local movie theater to watch newer movies.

CAMPS~ I wish!  Too expensive for us and the ones I can afford the kids DON'T want to go too and since I am home M-F no need to put them somewhere they don't like.  We tried a couple last year that didn't work out.  Maybe next year I will be organized enough to apply for scholarships.

PARKS~ Oh yes we will be visiting several parks this summer!  I'm trying to find some we haven't been too yet.

MUSEUMS~ We will be going to a couple of these during the summer.

CAMPING~ Oh yes!  This will be happening too! 

I also signed up this morning for Operation Summer 2012an 8 week activity-packed plan to help you create memories, strengthen relationships, provide structure and have fun! The plan is FREE and includes colorful printables, yummy summer recipes, family conversation starters,  and easy craft ideas.  Go HERE to sign up too!

What are your plans?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Submit Your Recipes to the Cook'n Magazine

The new Cook’n magazine is looking for your submissions! This reader-based, high-end, drool-worthy, incredibly-photographed cooking magazine is inviting you to share your favorite recipes.  If your recipe is selected to be in Cook’n, your blog address will appear along side of a beautiful photograph of your recipe and we will sent you a copy of the Nov/Dec holiday issue of the magazine. 

To see what Cook’n has to offer check them out at http://northridgepublishing.com/magazines/cook-n-magazine.

Submit your favorite recipes for
1.      Healthy Holiday Meals
2.      Quick Winter Meals
3.      Cranberries or pumpkin recipes
4.      Holiday Meats
5.      Holiday Side Dishes
6.      Hors d’ oeuvres or finger foods
7.      Holiday desserts

Please submit your recipes along with clear instructions and tips in a Word format file to cookn@northridgepublishing.com.   Deadline for submissions is June 1st.

Kendall GelThotics Review/Giveaway

If you don't know yet I'm a waitress and foot pain is a BIG FACTOR in my life.  I try to buy better shoes but as mom I'm always looking for that DEAL and doing that I tend to get cheaper shoes that lack the support I need.  

I work Sat/Sun at this busy breakfast cafe and I'm on my feet from 7:30am to 3pm with a 15 minute break.  I'm constantly moving- no standing around at this cafe.  I've also been doing this well over 10 years.  When I get off work I tend to be in a lot of pain and in bed I ago.  I chalk it up as I'm getting older and my body can't handle the beating I give it, LOL!  

When I was asked to do a review on Kendall GelThotics I was excited and curious if they would work.  I've bought store brand inserts and they did nothing to help with pain. 

I wore these inserts which were very easy to place in shoes the last 3 weeks and GUESS WHAT- no bed for me after work.  The pain was very minimal and my legs and feet didn't swell.  I was able to participate in dinner and other family activities without blinking an eye.  These Gelthonics gave me the support I've been lacking all these years and I HIGHLY recommend these no matter what!  

I also love the fact you can use them in any kind of shoe!  So simple to take out and place in another.  

 Product Description

Kendall Research Systems, Inc. has introduced a silicone orthotic with maximal support and shock absorbency. The Kendall GelThotic, provides optimal therapeutic support and requires less space in the shoe than any other orthotic, thus working in almost any style of shoe. Kendall GelThotics was sold by health practitioners in clinical settings, showing significant reductions in plantar fasciitis, forefoot issues, and more. Carefully engineered for enhanced biomechanical efficiency, it enhances performance through all phases of the gait cycle. In addition to enhancing performance, the GelThotic is water and moisture proof and cannot absorb microbes and odors.

Who would like to WIN Kendall Gelthotics????  

GelThotics are medically effective orthotics, so if you could benefit from using them PLEASE enter the Giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

May was a HARD Month!

When I looked at how many posts I did this month I was REALLY PAM!  Get it together please, LOL.  On top of Home Schooling there has been a lot of adjustments I've had to make and still making.

The kids being home is adjustment.  I used to have the morning to do computer work/blog and then do all house work in afternoon before family got home.  All that has gone out the window and now it's time to do a NEW PLAN!  Because what I'm doing now is not working.

This month I think I fell into a bit of depression. Not just one reason but a lot of things happening that I wasn't prepared for that threw me off my game.  I slept more and found myself watching TV a lot.  When I say a lot I mean I watched the entire show of LOST (120 episodes- 45 minutes each) in 3 weeks.  Not good!

My 10 yr old son is becoming a moody talking back and rolling his eyes kind of kid that wants to do NOTHING around the house.  Tell him to do something is more work than just doing it myself these days.  When he is asked to something we get the "I'll do it later" or "Why" and when I tell him to do it then the crying,  throwing stuff, and the talking under his breath begins.  Oh my- this kid has given me more headaches lately.  I even thought about buying some wine the other night just to be able to calm my nerves.  The other day he lied about something so silly and I knew he was lying that it irritated me so bad I basically just zoned out for hours.

But what hit me the hardest this month was the school that we have been at since my 10 yr old was in Kindergarten is closing.  I know I pulled my kids out due to bullying but still felt like I failed this school in some way.  I was a very active parent and loved the teachers/staff so much.  Now everyone has to find new places to put their kids and new jobs.  Just wrong.  Closing the school wasn't the answer, helping it thrive would have been the answer but the agency head of the school didn't want to do that.

This is our last week of home school and it's time for Summer Vacation.  Maybe the sun and free time will make me feel better.  Plus my mom is coming in a couple weeks and that will be FUN!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paula Abdul & FemBody Nutrition- Review

Today Paula Abdul will be on Dr Oz Show (3pm Pacific time) talking about at age 50, she has never looked nor felt better in her entire life.  She will be sharing her age-defying secrets to help you stay healthy and young.  Being 43 I sure do want to know her secrets!  I will be watching of course!

Check out the show TODAY (May 22nd)!

She is a spokeswoman for FemBody Nutrition so she will be discussing this product line. 

Paula loves the Fembody Nutrition Hair, Nails & Skin Activator that contains an array of nourishing ingredients including bamboo extract, a rich source of silica, an essential nutrient in keeping hair and nails healthy. Other beauty-boosting ingredients include vitamin B-complex, calcium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, green tea extract, and lutein. Paula also takes Fembody’s Advanced Bone Activator with AlgaeCal®, a plant-based source of calcium that’s easy for your body to absorb so your bones stay strong.

You can also watch a video on her Health Confession:

I also got to review a Fembody Nutrition product:

This product helps promote reduction of stubborn fat cells with this premium formula of naturally sourced ingredients shown to encourage effective weight management
Promote reduction of stubborn fat cells with this premium formula of naturally sourced ingredients shown to encourage e ffective weight management. Human studies have demonstrated that green tea and EGCG help accelerate fat burning and enhance metabolism. Raspberry Ketones and InnovaTea™ included to support increased fat metabolism.*

I have been able to take the product 2 times a day without any jitters (which usually happens with diet pills).  Also I haven't been craving all those "things" I shouldn't have like chips, soda, chocolate- those are my 3 NO's- which I always tend to cave in to having.  Last week the cravings weren't really there and I can honestly say I had no soda last week at all!  That's a BIG WOOHOO for me.  I like the product so far but I've been on it for only a week.  Look for a GIVEAWAY and my results soon!

Please check out: http://fembodynutrition.com/ for more info.

Also connect with Fembody Nutrition: http://www.facebook.com/FembodyNutrition and

Monday, May 21, 2012

I need Whitney Farms Organic Plant Food

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Whitney Farms for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


Whitney-Farms-Logo_Banner_New_C.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

This year I really want or actually NEED to get into gardening.  The house we rent has this huge organic soil garden plot that needs some love.  Last year we did ok but I'm sure we could do a lot better!  I have never used plant food- didn't know I had too.  But if I was going to pick anything I'm sure organic plant food is much healthier than the conventional plant food.  I want big beautiful plants and vegetables. 

Whitney Farms® products contain no additives, nothing artificial, and only ingredients from the Earth. Plus Whitney Farms has over 25+ years of gardening experience and they continue to improve their products.

  • Contains ORGANIC-GRO™ Beneficial Microbes that biologically enhance our natural plant food by assisting in the breakdown of organic matter into nutrients
  • Use on vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, in beds and containers
  • Formula is low to no dust
  • No manure odory
  • Easy to apply

Not my garden but I want my garden to look like that!  Last year I loved getting the corn, lettuce, tomatoes, peas, green beans and greens for dinner.  This year I want more and with dedication and hard work my garden will be beautiful.  I know if I use Whitney Farms® products I will get that beautiful garden I want.  Also my kids LOVE working in the yard and watching everything grow.  So if I can bring healthy vegetables to the table then that is what is going to happen.  Go Organic!!

Now if you are like me and want to TRY the Whitney Farms organic plant food please go to Whitney Farms® to get a $3 off coupon!


109103_1.jpg (6 documents, 6 total pages)

Organic Plant Food

Get $3.00 off ~Whitney Farms®

Visit Sponsor's Site

Friday, May 18, 2012

Win a Keurig from Simply Stacie


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homeschool is HARD! Just Saying!

Wow, what did I get myself into? Every morning is a struggle not to lock myself in my room. The "mom, can we have a day off" or "mom, really we have to do this?" is getting real old. The fighting with me and the fighting with each other is giving me a headache EVERY DAY! We have a schedule to follow but my oldest has to fight it every day.

Homeschool is not this wonderful experience I was hoping for, that is for sure! My youngest, well loves doing the school work but she loves picking on her brother more. Then my son feels the need to pick back so then the rest of the day is "MOM...she hit me, Mom...he called me a brat". Really...this is not what I wanted to do everyday. I have even threatened to put them back in the school out of desperation for them to get along. My son's response was, "Then I will get myself suspended"...WTF!

I really wanted this experience to be awesome learning adventure for all of us but it's not.  Everytime, I say let's sit down and do this assignment the rolling eyes start plus all the negative comments. I think they really thought Homeschool was FUN and didn't have to do school work. Haha fooled them huh!

What happens now? Not sure. The schools around here are either overbooked (waiting list)or just horrible. We are on 2 schools waiting list and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that something opens up for next school year. There is only 2 more weeks left so I know we will all get through all this but I'm telling you Homeschool is fricken HARD!

This will be me soon!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Louis Vuitton Giveaway Event~ May 12-June12


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Sunday, May 6, 2012

May 7-14 Magical Mother's Day Giveaway Hop


Welcome to the 
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Educational Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Moms and Dads

Those of us who have been, or are, stay-at-home moms or dads know that it is at least a full time job. For those stay-at-home parents who wish to further their education, the most daunting task may be to find the time.

The biggest difference between a full-time job and being a stay-at-home parent may be that those employed full time have a set schedule and a steady income. The stay-at-home mom or dad doesn't have the luxury of knowing what's going to happen and when. Nor are they being paid for their work. Not monetarily anyway. Time and money may prevent many parents from taking advantage of educational opportunities.
Stay-at-home parents can take advantage of the flexibility, both location and scheduling, that online classes can provide. Internet courses allow parents to work on course work any time their schedule allows, and they can be completed at home. There is no travel to a campus or classroom involved. You can learn more about the flexibility of online classes here.

Online schools are usually cheaper than traditional colleges as well. Tuition may be less expensive, but students attending an accredited online school are eligible for federal financial aid programs and online institutions offer scholarship opportunities.

Although the U.S. Department of Education does not accredit educational institutions or programs, it does publish a list of those that have received accreditation. In order for students to know they are receiving a level of education recognized by the education community and employers, their search for an online degree program needs to begin with accredited institutions of higher learning. Completing an accredited online degree program ensures the diploma earned will be worth the investment of time and money.

Whether stay-at-home moms and dads are seeking educational opportunities to make them better parents and homemakers, or they wish to enter a new career outside the home, there is an online school to accomodate them. The main decisions for stay-at-home moms and dads are what they wish to study, what kind of program they want to attend, and finding the right school to meet personal education goals.
Educational opportunities abound on the internet. Just about any topic that comes to mind is available for study via distance learning. There are vocational technical programs as well as university programs available through internet courses.

The tougher part may be making a decision on which opportunity to pursue and which program to attend. The program choices are:
  • Certification programs can provide entry-level job opportunities or provide introductory knowledge on a specific topic.
  • Associate degree programs require about 60 credits to graduate. People choose this opportunity to gain admittance into a bachelor's degree program, advance in their career, or to gain entry-level employment.
  • Bachelor's degree programs usually take approximately 4 years to complete. A bachelor's degree is the minimum required in many professions. It is also required if the desire is to continue on to a master's degree or PhD program.
  • Master's degree and PhD programs educate students on a specialization within a career field. Master's degrees provide graduates with options within the industries that require their area of expertise. A PhD is the highest academic degree given. Most often PhDs use their degrees to teach at the university level or conduct research.
There are many education opportunities stay-at-home moms and dads can take advantage of. It really depends upon individual interests and goals.

Stay-at-home moms and dads have plenty of educational opportunities to choose from, particularly if they look to accredited online schools. The flexibility of online degree programs are attractive to stay-at-home moms and stay-at-home dads. There are a myriad of online certificate and degree programs available that will fit into their busy schedules and won't break the family bank.

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