Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Where do I put all these TOYS!

Ok, my house is already way too small and now I have more crap to put in it! I've been stressed out because my house is a mess and I feel like I can't get it to the point I need it. I don't care what the kids or their dad say, I need some of this chaos to go AWAY. I will write "their dad" when I'm upset. It's a lot better than a**hole and it makes me feel so much better. I asked for his help over the weekend but I guess the 2 xbox games he bought for himself was a bigger priority then helping around the house. It's a fight that I seem to loose every weekend. He works hard is his excuse....like I don't but damn I still have responsibilities. Ummph!

Ok back to the TOYS.....oh where do I put them. I have to rearrange the kids bedroom this week. What a chore that is going to be. I'm dreading it. My kids have a bunk bed that one bed fits on top and then there is a little cove under it. My son says he falls out too much and wants to put his mattress on the floor. I guess the 20 stuffed animals can go on top and the bed can be on the bottom. Not sure if it will work but hey its worth a shot I guess.

Can you tell I'm a bit stressed....lol!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Guess What I Got For My Birthday....

The call from my 18 yr old son telling me I'm going to be a GRANDMA....umm crap I just turned 40 and now I have to be grammie! WOW did I have to pick up my chin off the floor. I was the first person he told in his family...but the girl is 5 months already. Guess keeping the secret was getting him. However, the big step is telling his dad. My son and ex lives 2 states away so its hard for me to help him thru this but he knows I'm there whenever he needs me!

Stay tuned for more details on this drama of becoming a Grammie at 40!!! A customer called me a HAWT GRAMMIE so I guess I'll take that.

Funny-My Son

thinks his butt**** is called a butthog! I almost choked on my coffee. I told him that wasn't what it was called but just go ahead and say "booty". His undies were riding up his crack and he didn't like it.


Xmas- Kids and Hubby

Last night the kids were snooping around the tree and looking at the presents my mom sent. They wanted to open one so bad, so the bad mommy that I am I let them open 1! With the promise of DON'T ASK TO OPEN ANOTHER ONE UNTIL XMAS. Of course they both said "Yes mom we won't ask and THANK YOU" with the big smiles and hugs. They both opened of course the BIG present but oh well.

However, my sweet Sahara asks this morning....mom can I open a little present in my stocking today? Ummmm NO! Now of course I'm the mean mommy but hey a promise is a promise.

Anyone else ready for XMAS to be over? Too much going on.

I need to clean house for family, make dinner for family, be nice to family that's just too much for me!

Our Tree sucks right now! We have been asking daddy to get the Xmas lights for over a week now. I'm too short and no ladder or else I would have got them myself already. Asking daddy to do anything you have to put in a work order at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Then maybe 3 more weeks to think about it. Then 3 more weeks to do it! Am I being mean...not really!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plans Changed!

Well we are not going to move. I'm very disappointed but I keeping telling myself "things happen for a reason". And I'm holding on to that. My hubby backed out and then the plans just went down the toilet. This move was stressing out my hubby, my kids, my mom, and of course myself! We were all walking around the house mad. My mom and I were fighting over the phone. I think I had my arms folded across my chest for at least 2 weeks.

I don't blame anyone but myself because I had such high hopes and didn't really look at the REAL BIG picture. My hubby got scared. I just wish he would have told me sooner like before the plane tickets/hotel rooms were bought. My mom is pissed, and pissed enough not to call me on my 40th bday. I don't blame her I would be mad at me too!

My friend told me that I just need to let go of that dream of going back home because she doesn't think it will happen for awhile at least. She knows I have a hard time here but she thinks I need to give the Bay Area a second chance and not let people get to me.

I guess a new chapter in my life needs to begin so I can move forward. I've been at a stand still for a couple years now. Depression is knocking on my door everyday but my kids are my motivation to be strong. I do need to change, fix, and add to my life that is for sure.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown starts

28 days to our BIG MOVE. Am I ready??? No way but it has too happen. My mom and step-dad arrives Dec 26th. They are going to help me drive up. My hubby is on the fence if he is going and let me tell you that is the biggest stress I have right now. I understand that he feels this is the wrong time financially for us to quit our jobs and move to another state. But I can't handle this place anymore!

Reasons why I'm moving:

1. Cost too much in the Bay Area to live....2 (900 sq ft) bdrm townhouse for $1200.

2. Kids next door are bad and they are teaching my kids very bad things. You would be amazed with what I have had to deal with these two gremlins next door.

3. Bay Area is just strange. I was on the bus with my two kids (they are bi-racial) and these 2 guys thought that was a pass to talk to me all rude. Then when I reminded them that I was with my kids and not to talk to me like then I was a RACIST WHITE BITCH. This was the last straw and the day I made the decision to move. I've been wanting to for a couple years but that bus ride was the camel that broke the back (is that the right saying...lol)

4. I MISS MY FAMILY is the most important reason!

5. My 18 yr old son needs me.

6. No family love in the Bay Area....hubby's family thinks we don't exist. My kids call hubby's mom DADDY'S MOM and they live 3 hrs away. They never talk to the kids. My mom calls pretty much every other day and talks to the kids every time. Yes I'm bitter, lol!

7. We live in Murder Capital....Richmond CA!

I could go on and on!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wow a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

As far back as I can remember I've always cooked and/or cleaned on Thanksgiving day. Guess What.....this year I did NEITHER now how cool is that. Can you tell I'm still excited?

A co-worker was gone this week so I worked 6 days in a row. I'm a almost 40 kinda chubby (but still look good)waitress that runs circles around these young ones. Okay maybe not circles but I hold my own, lol! So my body was wore out by Wednesday night! I don't think I can do that again unless I got a massage every day after work because my whole body was in pain. Anyways, enough whining I just didn't have it in me to cook a big meal. I did asked the hubby last week to go buy that ready made Thanksgiving Dinner Meal that Safeway was offering but he didn't. I felt like if I needed too remind him 3 times he was telling me he didn't want to.

Thursday morning I looked at my hubby and asked him what the heck we were going to do for dinner. That look of "Oh f**k! I forgot to do something and she is going to make me pay all day" came over his face (which I don't blame him) and then said his famous words "I don't know". I of course rolled eyes and looked at him with my I'm not at all surprised you forgot but I will figure it out yet again but I really wanted to smack him upside the head and scream DOES ANYONE LIVE IN THERE. Oh sorry lil vent there!

I of course took matters in my own hands and checked to see where we could go out to eat. HomeTown Buffet popped on the screen and I remembered I even had a coupon. I told my family who were all still in pj's (including me)at 11am that it was time to start getting ready. We all dressed up in our cool clothes and by 1pm we were sitting in a booth ready to get our grub on. I could say I could have done better but to be very honest, no I couldn't! I got to have prime rib, ham, turkey, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, black eyed peas/rice, rolls, green bean casserole and of course pumpkin pie. They had everything there. My kids even had pizza, lol. Plus it only cost us $35....bargain!

but the VERY BEST part was I didn't have to do dishes or clean up anything!!!!!

We ate good and then came home to watch movies and play Wii together. Will I do it again? Possible but not for a couple years. I do miss the leftovers today so no leftovers is the ONLY regret I have.

Next year BIG FAMILY dinner at my house.

Proud Mommy Moment

My son got a Citizenship Award last week. He was nominated by his class. I couldn't be any prouder of my 6 (almost 7) year old son. Up on stage I could tell he was nervous but he held that head high. I didn't even know he was getting the award until the day before so I re-arranged my schedule so I could see my son get his citizenship medal and certificate. Of course the medal is going in his memory box.

He went to sleep with the medal on for 3 nights. I guess he was pretty proud too! I loved every moment of this because his smile that he was sporting for days! The first person he wanted to call when we got home was his Grandma Jan. They have such a wonderful bond.

~Proud Momma

Monday, November 17, 2008

I do feel sorry for my husband...sometimes!

When I'm having that BAD month I'm a total WITCH w/ a B! This man has to walk on egg shells for almost 2 weeks. The week before is my head turning all around w/smoke coming out of it! He and the kids duck that whole week. I just have to give them that LOOK and they know not too mess with mom. I gripe about everything and anything this week. Everyone should be on their best behavior. My road rage even increases. Not good for the bay area. Second week its all about the pain and I'm a big baby that can't do anything. My hubby does take good care of me but I still complain. Then at night I feel so bad I cry and tell everyone I'M SORRY. I can't wait for it to end because I want my smooth, fun, happy self BACK. This doesn't happen every month but every 3 months.

If my hubby ever reads this I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU because you put up with a lot with me sometimes but I guess that's just pay back for all the I have to go thru with YOU....lol just kidding of course.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Obama and my son!

Little Man was really into this election. He didn't want to go outside and play he wanted to watch the election. He did the happy dance when the numbers were coming in and they were saying Obama was going to be the next president.

The next morning I was driving him to school and he tells me that he is SO HAPPY that Obama won because now he knows he can be president one day. Big Dreams I know but my son is bi-racial and having a African American president was a big deal for him. He is one smart cookie. I cried of course. This race wasn't about color to our family UNTIL he got elected and it was like wow that race barrier is no longer there.

My son's best friend lives next door and they have grown up together, okay the last 5yrs. This kid who I'm not a big fan of but my son loves playing with him. Well this friend tells my son that the white people are going to kill Obama. My son came in here crying and I was WTF. I told him to come in and closed the door. I didn't think much about it because I know this kid and just chalked up to him being his snotty self. His mother came over a couple hours later and just wanted us to know they voted for Obama. So....just because we are a bi-racial family do you think we voted for Obama because he is African American. NOPE. We voted for Obama because out of the 2 candidates he was the one who gave us hope and change is what we need.

I just had to vent that out...thanks!

Can't back out now

my mom and step-dad bought their airplane tickets and booked their hotel room for Dec 26th.
They are helping us drive back to WA. We will be staying in their RV for about a month until we can get our own place.

I have little less than 2 months to pack up and clean this house to move. We live in a 900sq ft house and we outgrown it about 3yrs ago. We are jam packed in this house with no where to go. It's time to MOVE. I still have to give notice to the landlord and my job. Dec 1st hurry please so I can get this over with. LOL.

Damn Tooth Cost Me $8.00

My son is one smart cookie so when I give him the $3 for his tooth the other day I told him that the tooth fairy will pay me back. He just looked at me like I was weird. Later that night he tells me he needs his tooth ummm why since I already paid you for the tooth. He told me that my $3 was from me not the tooth fairy so he is sure she will come tonight. Ok whatever dude! So we go thru putting his tooth back under his pillow and he goes to sleep. Hubby leaves for work at 5am and when he closes the door is when I remember I almost forgot again, ugh. I open my drawer where I keep my money and grab a bill then I slip into little man's room slide that under his pillow and crawl back into bed. Then at 6:30am someone is poking me and of course its little man with this huge cheesy grin on. I focus my eyes and he is holding up a $5 bill. I grabbed a five instead of a one.... oh geez! He got $8 for that tooth. I asked if I got my $3 back since the tooth fairy left him $5 he looked at me like I asked to give me his first born. Keep it then!

Sucks being the tooth fairy sometimes but just seeing that toothless smile makes it all worth it. But now I'm broke...can I loose a tooth and get some money.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I burnt Hamburger Helper...OMG

Now I know I suck as a cook! Yesterday, was a bit rough so my mind was just not on cooking. I FORGOT to turn it down to simmer and left it on high....ugh! I went upstairs for 10 minutes to spend some time with my hubby while he was watching the news. I came downstairs, yelled TIME FOR DINNER then went into the kitchen to make the plates. Turned around to the stove and looked in horror that the burner was still on high! Picked up the top and opps all burnt to heck. Damn Damn! Why does this have to happen to me....I almost cried. Ugh, had to call the Pizza Man because it was already 7pm. Hubby and Kids were not happy they had to wait longer. I didn't have anything else to make. Tuesday is grocery day so our fridge/freezer was empty. I can't believe I burnt hamburger helper! We don't even buy HH that much but it was a new flavor...Chili so I wanted to give it a shot. Well I guess next time. LOL!

I suck as being the tooth fairy...bad mommy!

My son woke me up at 6:30 am crying. He was standing there with his tooth in the baggie. In my head I was cursing myself...how could I forget to take the tooth and put money under his pillow. Maybe exhaustion is part of it but BAD MOMMY! So my response is "I bet the rain made it very difficult for her to get to our house" "I'll give you a dollar and the tooth fairy will have to pay me back" well he was cool about that because he took the money. But I sure did feel crappy!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My hubby loves me or my booty?

Just kidding of course! I know he loves me very much. My hubby tells me the other morning he was getting ready for work and "BAM" there was my booty all hanging out of the sheets and he said he looked up and thanked God! Well I'll take that as a compliment! He made me blush.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are moving....Woohoo

We live in Cali now and will be moving to WASH state at the end of the year. I'm from WA and miss my family a lot. I've been with my hubby 10 yrs almost (married 2) and its time we get the heck out of here.

When we had our son "Bro" we moved to Fresno to be closer to his family. That was a 3hr move. Well it was too hot, family not so family like, no jobs, and our relationship was hurting so we moved back to the bay area.

After getting our old jobs back and being back a month we got pregnant w/"Sis". We weren't going anywhere for awhile. After 5 yrs in this 900 square feet house we have finally outgrown the house. The kids hate sharing a room and pretty much fight about it everyday. Sharing a bathroom w/my kids and hubby has been a nightmare for me but you do what you got to do. My kitchen is a hallway. I have one counter and 4 cupboards...what the heck am I suppose to do with that. Plus no dishwasher, I know a bit petty but for someone who hates to do dishes its rough with no dishwasher.

My family misses me dearly and is ready for me to come home. I moved after a divorce (yes married 2 times) to find myself. It's been 13 yrs and its time for me to come home. I also want to give my hubby a different outlook on "family life". He grew up totally different than I did and I want to show him that plus I want to give my kids a family life. We don't go anywhere here because horrible traffic, kids shooting other kids, no respect for others, and the list goes on but thats my top 3. My mom loves her grandkids and wants to take them camping, have sleepovers, and all that good stuff grandmas want to do. I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind some fishing partners hanging around either. We are all getting older so why waste time lets be together.

Hubby's family probably won't even notice we are gone. I know a lil bit bitchy but very true! Okay I'll be nice now.

Why am I writing this down about moving well there is a lot to do and I want to keep on track. We will be living w/my mom for a month at least (no longer please) in her RV (big one). I want to be organized and not stressed out. When I'm stressed everyone is stressed, not a good thing.

Moving GOALS:

*I want to get all the stuff we don't use packed up by the middle of Nov with a list on each box what is inside.

*I will have 4 piles: Garbage, Freecycle/Goodwill, Sell on Craigslist, and keep.

*I have a lot of clutter and I will be going thru all of it. Maybe I can get rid of my 4 piles of magazines (one in each room).

*Save money for gas for the moving truck...I have a jar full of coins now.

I know there is so much more but this is good for now.

Wii Fit-love it!

OMG I love this device. I'm chubby, yes I admit it out loud....I'm CHUBBY. I've always been a bit thick (tell more about this word later) but still cute..well that's what people say. I'm always the cute girl never the pretty girl, well at least its not the ugly girl.

Ok, back to the Wii. My hubby and son are big time gamers and they have been dying to get a Wii. Not that the 2 xbox's, PlayStation 2, PSP, and a Nintendo DS wasn't enough. I was not wanting it at all so I made a comprimise with hubby. We can get the Wii but he has to get the Wii fit for me. He was cool with that, anything to get a new game system.

We have had the Wii fit for 4 weeks now and I have lost 5 lbs. I feel so good. I will let you know all about my Wii fit adventures soon enough. The funny thing is the person who is playing the Wii the most is my 4 yr old daughter. She does the yoga, balance, bowling, tennis, and golf EVERYDAY. She even lets me know that I need to do the Wii fit. She is my trainer I guess, lol!

I hate going to the gym because I don't look good in exercise clothes or even doing the exercises. I went to Jazzercise and always was in the back because the older ladies in the front was doing the kicks, running, dance move like they were in their 20's, ugh I didn't like that. Then I tried Curves....that actually worked but it was hard to find time w/o kids to go do that. I know a lot of excuses...lol. Chubby girls do that!

The Wii Fit allows me to dress the way I want (fat rolls and all), no need for the babysitter, and I don't have to pay each month (hubby paid for this thing and its a lifetime membership). It tracks your weight/bmi, balance, and progress. It's like having your own trainer right in your house.

So all you chubby girls out there get a Wii Fit because I'm telling ya its the bomb, lol!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

M.I.A.-Wow it's been since July

since I posted. I didn't forget about it but I've been busy. I'm sure I could have found some time to do my blog but I guess it wasn't that important UNTIL TODAY!

There is a lot going on my world and I think having this journal will help me with all my thoughts. What I will be writing about is my life and what is happening. It will be boring too some but others might get a giggle here and there.

Are we ready to take this blog to another level...yes. I think writing all this crap down will actually help me get it done. No one but myself is to blame so get the ball moving, PAM!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello Everyone

Hi~My name is Pam but I go by PinkMama on the web. I'm getting real close to the big 40 and there are some things I want to do with the direction of my life. So why not write a blog about it!

What I will be writing about:

* decorating my rental (not a homeowner but still need color/fashion)
* finding my STYLE~ in my house and in my clothing
* organizing my life'
* healthy habits I really need

I'm sure I'll be throwing more out at you (and myself) but this is a good start.

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