Monday, December 1, 2008

Countdown starts

28 days to our BIG MOVE. Am I ready??? No way but it has too happen. My mom and step-dad arrives Dec 26th. They are going to help me drive up. My hubby is on the fence if he is going and let me tell you that is the biggest stress I have right now. I understand that he feels this is the wrong time financially for us to quit our jobs and move to another state. But I can't handle this place anymore!

Reasons why I'm moving:

1. Cost too much in the Bay Area to live....2 (900 sq ft) bdrm townhouse for $1200.

2. Kids next door are bad and they are teaching my kids very bad things. You would be amazed with what I have had to deal with these two gremlins next door.

3. Bay Area is just strange. I was on the bus with my two kids (they are bi-racial) and these 2 guys thought that was a pass to talk to me all rude. Then when I reminded them that I was with my kids and not to talk to me like then I was a RACIST WHITE BITCH. This was the last straw and the day I made the decision to move. I've been wanting to for a couple years but that bus ride was the camel that broke the back (is that the right saying...lol)

4. I MISS MY FAMILY is the most important reason!

5. My 18 yr old son needs me.

6. No family love in the Bay Area....hubby's family thinks we don't exist. My kids call hubby's mom DADDY'S MOM and they live 3 hrs away. They never talk to the kids. My mom calls pretty much every other day and talks to the kids every time. Yes I'm bitter, lol!

7. We live in Murder Capital....Richmond CA!

I could go on and on!
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