Thursday, December 18, 2008

Xmas- Kids and Hubby

Last night the kids were snooping around the tree and looking at the presents my mom sent. They wanted to open one so bad, so the bad mommy that I am I let them open 1! With the promise of DON'T ASK TO OPEN ANOTHER ONE UNTIL XMAS. Of course they both said "Yes mom we won't ask and THANK YOU" with the big smiles and hugs. They both opened of course the BIG present but oh well.

However, my sweet Sahara asks this morning....mom can I open a little present in my stocking today? Ummmm NO! Now of course I'm the mean mommy but hey a promise is a promise.

Anyone else ready for XMAS to be over? Too much going on.

I need to clean house for family, make dinner for family, be nice to family that's just too much for me!

Our Tree sucks right now! We have been asking daddy to get the Xmas lights for over a week now. I'm too short and no ladder or else I would have got them myself already. Asking daddy to do anything you have to put in a work order at least 3 weeks ahead of time. Then maybe 3 more weeks to think about it. Then 3 more weeks to do it! Am I being mean...not really!
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