Monday, May 30, 2011

The Vampire Diaries- My New Obsession

I know a bit weird but yep I'm addicted to the CW show "The Vampire Diaries"

I was laid up sick last Friday so I decided to watch the disk I got from Netflix and fell in love with the Vampires!  So much so I was on the HUNT to watch more of Season 1 but couldn't find it anywhere online for FREE.  Now I have to wait for my next disk, thank goodness Netflix is super fast getting movies to you! 

What TV show are you addicted to???

Deals and More Deals~ Memorial Day

I think 80% of my emails are deals, 10% of spam, and 10% of useful stuff!  So why not post them on here!
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Been Busy!

Does LIFE ever just grab you and not let go for a couple weeks or months??  I have been SUPER DUPER busy this past month and wondering if I'm ever going to catch up.  I really hope so.  Right now I feel very overwhelmed in all aspects of my life but I see the road slowing down soon so it should be okay right? LOL!

I still have no other job...but I haven't been looking that hard either because summer is coming and we have vacations and other stuff coming up so as long as we are okay financial ( if you ask my hubby he say we are not ok) than I will not stress on that.  I really do need a job though but saying stuff like that I try to tell myself it will be fine.  It will be fine It will be fine It will be fine!  See I believe now...LOL! 

The biggest time consumer was the school's Book Fair.  However, I had a lot of awesome help and wasn't there the whole time like last year.  I had a grandmother who is a retired principal as my right hand and she ROCKED it with the decorations and was there every day.  My book fair buddies helped me set up/take down.  We did OK and at least went over our goal of $2000. 

Also I'm no longer on the school's PTA....woohoo!  Loved doing that but it drained me and I need to take some time doing other stuff.  I don't want to be the "go to" person anymore...its a job where you don't get any credit just more work! 

Been working on the word NO!  I really stretch myself in many different directions and when that happens I go around and around in circles and get nothing done.  Kind of like this post...circles! 

Off to do the other 20-50 other jobs/project around here that need attention...like my house! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I won 4 tickets to what sounded like a cool event but it wasn't all that. Of course when we got there no one was there but I was determined to get the VIP table I won, or maybe I was just so excited to get out of the house.  We were seated right up front and they brought use a bottle of Grey Goose on ice.  I don't know about you but I can't drink vodka all by itself so of course we had to buy cranberry juice and soda water- $10 each time we wanted to have a drink. We sat there for 2 hours listening to a cool ass DJ and drinking- no wonder I was drunk. We couldn't really talk to each other with out saying "huh" "what" over and over but hey we are at a club.  The comedian started a lil after 11 and what an ASS he was and he offended everyone!  He sucked and not even worth me talking about him.  Then 3 guys got on stage who reminded me of older rappers and they were ok but nothing I would ever go out to see again.  Now the highlight of the show was Lady Soul and she rocked the house for me!  First, she had some shoes that were slammin so I knew I was going to like her, LOL!  She really did her thing and I even talked to after the show and she was so down to earth and now were are facebook friends.

After that show I wanted to go dancing...its 1:30 so of course everything is closing.  My sweet friend did take me to a reggae club but I was so drunk I couldn't even dance.  I was a great "hold up the wall" girl though.  My friend took me to Taco Bell and then home by 3:30am and by 6:30am I was puking up those tacos.  Then the rest of the day just went down hill from there.  My family was cool and took great care of me.  But the house this morning looked like a tornado hit it. 

What happen to those days that I could party until 5am get up at 8am and it was all good! Oh that's right I'm not 25 anymore. It will be awhile before I do that again, LOL! I don't go out much because you have to find babysitters, pay babysitters, make sure you have something to wear, hair and makeup, and by the time I think about all this I get all flustered so its just easier and cheaper to stay my ass home, just saying.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

LOVE IT! Yes, it is hard to find that time to clean. Or maybe I should say blog. Well anyways its hard to balance it all! My house is fine if people stop by but is it REALLY REALLY clean?  No, but with 2 kids- 7 and 9yrs old,  I have come up with the conclusion that I needed to pack up my OCD until the kids are away at college. Why....because it was driving me crazy. I have to say after marrying my hubby my OCD (of cleaning) kind of went out the door anyways-one of those battles that I always seemed to loose. I think I should haven known I was going to have problems dealing with hubby when we first started dating because there was beer bottles under his bed. Fast forward 12 years later- house is fine except for his side of the bed which I call THE PILE. THE PILE- whenever he is looking for something I say go look in THE PILE, and about 90% of the time it is there. Okay I got off topic and ranted about hubby, sorry!

Anyways, TACKLE TUESDAY....on my TO-DO list this week is LAUNDRY! I want to get every piece washed, folded, put-away by Friday. I have about 5 loads left and I think this is manageable. Speaking of laundry Hubby put a bottle of bleach that had a hole in it on top of the washer. Since the bleach bottle was leaking it leaked right into the washer full of dark clothes, thanks dude.  Luckily it was only a few things that got totally ruined but none of of his stuff though- oh geez a rant again.  I need to stop! 

Click here to participate in this Week's Tackle It Tuesday

Monday, May 9, 2011

Market Monday

I have a friend that just started a parenting blog.  She is a single mom of 5 young kids so you know she has some great advice and stories.  Plus she is outstanding photographer.  I wish she lived near by so we could get a family portrait done by her.  Please check her out at http://istandproud.blogspot.com/ plus she has a Facebook Page can we show her some BLOG LOVE! 

Also remember to visit my hubby's Airbrush Artwork  he is an awesome artist and I know he would also love some BLOG LOVE too!  Today I did a lot of marketing for his website and already paying off- got a request for bar mitzvah in August.  Big woohoo for me!

If you would like to be mentioned in Market Monday's just shoot me an email at pamallen68@gmail.com.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Brainstorming

I did a "brain dump" and it felt good!  This helped me come up future blog posts.  Yes it's messy and its suppose to be.  This was an assignment from a 2 week course I'm taking through http://www.thesitsgirls.com/  #SITSclass.  We are grouped with 3 other bloggers and we discuss within our group about our blogs and give each other feedback!  I'm enjoying the course so far and I know it's already helped me. 

Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you to all the WONDERFUL TEACHERS out there- if we didn't have you we wouldn't be where we are today!  I know we all have a couple teachers that will always be a part of us!

My kids have been very lucky to come across AWESOME teachers that are now some of my closest friends.  As much as this school drives me crazy I'm very thankful for the teachers because my kids are doing very well in school and this is their foundation of life so I want to give a big :

from the Allen's!  We Heart Our Teachers!!!  It takes a village people and I'm all good with that!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Focus Focus Focus!

But I can't!!  I feel like I'm stretched in many different directions and I need to learn how to manage this because I right now I'm feeling like I'm loosing the battle. 
I might be fighting off a bit of depression (just being real) because I did quit my job and now having no money coming in.  It's been a LONG TIME since I've had to rely on someone else and its killing me! 

I can't seem to want to do anything but watch TV and read.  Housework is falling behind and what I NEED to do is not getting done.  Also I've been drinking a lot of soda/pop and that was a habit I kicked awhile back.  So I do know depression is knocking on the door!

I'm doing a lot for the school lately (lately....lol)and so I need to be on top of that!  Teacher Appreciation Week- biggest hurdle was today and it was a success so I can breathe a bit now!  But today I need to sit down and get on the Book Fair stuff..timeline and get fliers out and all that good stuff!  Let's not forget Bay to Breakers- ordering the shirts and all that stuff that needs to get done by May 15th.  I do have a parent who offered to help with that so WOOHOO- because I have no idea how to do this event. 

As for finding a JOB....well that is in the thinking process.  I would like to work on the Social Media biz during the week and set up with hubby on the weekends with his airbrushing.  That's what I want but will that happen, not sure!  I need to do something but do I want go back to waitressing....no way!  But what else do I know how to do...besides be a mom (which doesn't pay) ugh why does life have to be so darn confusing!

Time management is what I need now and maybe an assistant :)

Thanks for listening to my rant. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Talking in Front of People

Tonight is the night that I get up in front of the staff of a local cafe that I did a customer service evaluation on.  Hope they don't spit in my coffee next time I come (that will be tomorrow).  I was honest but also gave much praise.  I'm a bit scared but I'm not dwelling on it because than I will stress and when I stress I tend to over think then its all bad.  My report is done, bullet points on what I want to talk about, and the next step is to decide on what to wear.
The cafe I did this for is an awesome place that I've been going to for a long time (ok 2 years) because it's by my kids school.  I've held book clubs, parent meetings, business meeting, breakfast with kids and always enjoy my experience but there is that "extra" care that is needed.

My close friend told me the other day she doesn't feel "cool enough" to go in this cafe and I go in because it's so cool!  Not every cafe is going to fit you...weird to think like that but its true.  I don't enjoy going to Starbucks or Peets to hang out but give me a lil hole in the wall and I'm there for hours!  Don't get me wrong I LOVE Starbucks and Peets coffee just not the "feel" of the spot...very clinical/corporate- that's where I don't feel I'm cool enough to be. 

Wish me luck to tonight that I don't spit on someone while talking or worse case just go blank!  I'm going to try to hit them with some humor too just to make sure they know I'm there to help not tattle. 

Spring Bazaar- Fun Family Event

Wimpy Kid Teacher Appreciation and Mother's Day Card made by Ronnell

Their Table:

We held a Spring Bazaar at our school yesterday and my kids had a booth.  Ronnell made the above cards and Sahara she made Tie Dye Shirts and they had a blast. 

Even Hubby ( http://mrairbrushhands.com/) was out there airbrushing: 

This is the shirt he made for me to wear to the bazaar. LOVE IT!

We had a great family day with some awesome friends.

Now on to Teacher Appreciation Week (this week).  I sent out a flyer on ideas on what to do each day....keeping fingers crossed that teachers got flowers today.  Both my kids had their vases in hands when they left for school.

Also this week I need to sit down and plan the Book Fair.  I have help this year (woohoo) and look forward of letting this project go.  I just have the admin responsibilities this year..that's a even bigger WOOHOO!  So I guess I better get off this blog and work on the 10 projects I have going on this week. 

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