Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wow, I have some catching up to do w/Problogger Challenge!

My family and I were on vacation and my internet connection sucked so I wasn't able to do Day 6-10 but this week I will catch up!  Promise.

I'm really happy to be part of this blogging community and I made a commitment to myself to complete this challenge!  Lil pep talk for myself.  I have some great pictures and stories to share as well.  I might have to drink coffee a couple nights but I can do this and I will. 

(by the way need to look into a signature)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Reaching out to others- Day 5 Email a Blog Reader

WOW that's was scary and I'm 41 yrs old- what does that say about me.  I felt like I was in preschool and I'm the little girl with her head down trying to see if anyone wants to be my friend but how can that happen with my head down.  Oh GEEZ Pam hold that head high and be proud. 

I did it...I emailed a reader and thanked her for the comment and how much I loved her writing style.  Guess what she wrote me back...wow!  It worked.  I can see that a blog is a lot more work than posting a story here and there.  Guess I need to play nice and make blogger friends.  I'm all up for that. 

I know I posted this day late but had other life issues to deal with yesterday.  Needed to actually do some work for my hubby's business.  Now on to Day 6! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

OMG the things my kids say!

Last night my mom had me in tears!  She was telling me the silly things my kids have been telling her.  Yes, of course I was thinking WTF are they telling her...mom screams too much, mommy is on the computer a lot, daddy drinks every day....NO they say stuff like this:

My Mom is short because she drinks too much coffee.
Well so happy to know the reason why I'm short...DAMN COFFEE!

School Fundraising- Resource

If your looking into different fundraising for your kids, school, church, sport teams here is a great resource. Now that I'm on my kids school PTA I'm always looking into programs like this. The site is very helpful and you can request a free info kit. Every school needs money in this day of age so pass this on and lets help our schools!!

Raise Money for Your Group or Organization!

Fun Fundraising Products

Student Club Fundraisers

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 4 of theSITS Problogger Challenge

Geez its the 4th day and I'm already wondering if this what I needed to do....YES PAM it is, okay talked myself into. 

Day 4: Analyze a Top Blog in Your Niche

Well what is my niche is the 1st question....let me think ummm Mommy Blog is the best I could come up with and its true because I'm a mom who writes about her family.  I would hope in the future I could offer more than mommy things but so far not too much.  Note to self: work on that!  I went to several of my FAV mommy blogs and even discovered a couple more I added to my reader.

1) Which of the areas discussed in today's task are you most interested in studying about your niche and why? (These areas are Content, Reader Engagement, Design, Monetization, Traffic and SEO):
Can I just say all of it!  I noticed some blogs didn't focus on monetization and they were the very clean blogs.  I need to learn more on SEO and getting traffic then work on reader engagement.  Design- I need one!  I'm one of those bloggers that change their theme a lot because I'm never happy and I just need to find that one awesome theme and stick with it!

2) What's one thing you could do to improve your blog after studying the top blogs in your niche?
Write daily or least 5 days a week, instead of 2-3 a month.  Then I can work on the other 25 things I need to do to my blog.  Consistency is what I need to work on. (4days this week so I'm on a roll already)

I was a bit defeated looking at all the awesome blogs then coming back to mine...not a good feeling but hey I'm learning to accept I'm not perfect in everything...LOL!  Come back and check out my blog in 30 days and you will see a difference!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PMP Under Construction!

My poor blog has been neglected over the year while I tried to do the 99 other projects on my plate.  I had an UGLY color scheme going on so I changed to my FAV color Pink (of course).  Not sure if I like this theme but it will do for now and I'm going to be tweaking with it for god knows how long. 

I need to go through my Blog Lists because it looks like a lot of them have been dormant for awhile.  Blogs are hard work!  I have several business that are close to me that I will be promoting so need to get there info up on here too. 

I know there is more I need to do on here just haven't had all my coffee yet so brain not functioning to full speed.  Anyhoo, look for changes but don't let it scare you away...if you don't like something please let me, OK??

Free and Low-Cost Summer Ideas for Families

Free and Low-Cost Summer Ideas for Families great article from Surviving Motherhood with Humor. I know when the kids get back from grandma's I will be needing things to do and CHECK I have all these on hand so I know I'll be just fine!

This was my Day 3 task in the SITS PROBLOGGER CHALLENGE! 

If you know of other sites that offer this info please list here, we all need more ideas of what to do with the kids during the summer.

I have one to add.....Community Pool-swimming in my area cost $1 for 3 hrs of swimming. I take a book, glasses, sunscreen, and the kids and head on down M-F.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Reasons I'm LOVING the Kids being with Grandma

First, I want you to know I'm missing my kids A LOT!!!!! But I do have to admit I've been enjoying these 2 weeks that the kids are with grandma.

  1. Quiet. Wow quiet...do I have to say more? I don't have to break up fights about lil mama bothering lil man or lil man hitting lil mama. Been enjoying the quiet!
  2. Clean House: My feet loves it too because I haven't had to step on that lego or crayon that was left behind with my kids trying to clean up their mess. They know "mom" will get it...not good right but sometimes I feel its just easier for me to do it then to argue, fight, and scream at them. Toys have stayed in the bedrooms for almost 2 weeks and LOVING THAT! Now if I can just get my hubby to clean up his messes then I would be in heaven...sorry sweetie love ya but you know that corner drives me nuts! I can clean in 30 minutes not 3hrs!
  3. Cooking: OMG Dinners have been so pleasant! We have been eating grown up food and I don't have to make 3 different dishes just please everyone. What I mean grown up food is food my kids don't like...you know healthy fish, pork , veggies, and dishes that look good on the plate. Oh and my hubby has been breaking out the margaritas lately too. I don't have to hear "Ewww whats that, yuck I'm not eating that, gross mom can I have something else" I put the plate in front of my husband and don't hear a word until he says "Thanks, that was wonderful baby". Also I've got to eat my own food without the 25 interruptions and no hands grabbing stuff off my plate! LOVING THIS!!
  4. TV time: We actually can watch adult shows ( not porn-can't speak for hubby though lol) and w/o any interruptions. My son has also learned how to use the DVR so I'm always telling him to stop recording all the Micheal Jackson specials. I can watch all my DVR shows the next day not next week like I usually have to!
  5. Laundry: I got caught up on our laundry hill because us adults don't change our clothes 2-3 times a day. WOW what a big difference between just the 2 of us compared to the 4 of us. I thought I was caught up all the way until I went into lil man's room and found clothes behind the door and under the bed. Geez he not even here and making me work.

Did I mention how QUIET it is??? My friends have tried to get me out but guess what I just want to stay home and enjoy the QUIET! We go get the kids this weekend and so the QUIET will be gone but I will enjoy NOISE too!

This is part of the SITS Problogger Challenge- Day 2- Write a List Post

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm not liking my theme

Colors are ugly too me...but I guess when I picked this theme I liked them.

However, looking for that PERFECT theme takes time and I just know if I want to do this today but I'm putting this on here to remind me that I need to do this :)

If anyone knows of some cool sites that have FREE themes please let me know, maybe someday I'll upgrade but for now free is good!

(need to also do a signature)

I'm a Blubbering Idiot sometimes!

My kids have been gone for over a week to their grandma's house up in Wash state and we live in Cali! This has been the longest I've been away from them and yes I do admit it was very nice the first couple days but now.....

Today the kids called and I can tell they are tired. I asked Lil Mama if she is tired and she started crying....ugh that was the wrong move because I was trying to be strong all week and now we are both crying together on the phone. Not a good move. Hopefully Grandma can help her on her end and hubby can help me get it together-NO CRYING on the phone.

Doesn't help a lil pmsing going on too...really not the best week.

I'll write more about the kids being gone later.

Day 1: Write an Elevator Pitch

Wow an elevator pitch...I know I've heard this phrase before but going to look up it up anyways!

Ok got it...what your about in 30 seconds to 2 minutes- the length of a elevator ride! Oh geez this is going to be hard since I love to ramble.

My Elevator Pitch:
Ramblings of a very busy SAHM (stay-at-home-mom)that has her hand in just about 100 different projects. Every day is filled with family, school, friends, and TO DO LISTS.

Wow this has helped me refine what it is my blog is going to be. I've had my blog for a long time and have written a couple posts but never really got into "it". Now I want to get into "it"!


Start Blogging Again

Blogging helps it really does! I have a lot going on in my life but I need to take a lil "me"time so I decided to hop back on the blogging train. I came across this today and its the perfect thing I NEED to keep me on track.

Next post will be Day #1 assigment.

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