Saturday, July 30, 2011

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Going to Get the Kids- Woohoo!

It's been almost 2 weeks and we are heading back North to get our kiddos!  As much as I enjoyed the quiet and kid free fun my hubby and I had I really MISSED THEM! 

When the kids are home I'm consistently doing this or that so I took this time to DO NOTHING.  Now don't get me wrong I cooked, cleaned, and took care of house stuff but I didn't venture out much.  I needed some "me" time and I got it!  I'm relaxed and happy so my vacation was peace and quiet at my house. As a busy mom I needed that.  Thanks MOM- she must know these things.

We spoke to the kids 2 times everyday so I knew what they were doing and if they were staying out of trouble.  My mom says they are good kids and didn't fight whatsoever....ummm does she have the right kids?  My kids are good but damn they fight over the littlest things..."Mom Sahara touched my knee with her big toe" , that's what I hear on a daily basis.  They wonder why I roll my eyes all the time.  I'm just happy they were good for Mom- thank you kids!

Tonight we are going to drive about 4 hrs and then tomorrow 5hrs and then we should be pulling into Florence Oregon.  My hubby is going to be amazed with the Sand Dunes.  I'm sure we will be taking a lot of pictures (forewarned!).

I'm just going to say it...DRIVING SUCKS and anyone who knows me know I hate driving so doing trips like this is frickin annoying but to get my kids I'll suck it up and JUST DO IT!  LOL! 

Have a great weekend- and wish we have nice SUNNY weather so we can enjoy this camping trip that my mom thinks I'm not going to do well with...I'm not a camper either. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hotel Night- Spiders Oh My!

I can't sleep at hotels, can you?  Even when I sleep at someone elses house I'm constantly waking up.  So then how can vacations be fun if I'm always tired.  I guess that's the price I pay to have fun with family.  Well I'm getting older and sleeping in beds that are not mine is getting harder and harder.  Now lets say if the bed has one of those fluffy mattress/pillows that adjust to your body well then maybe I can do that! 

After driving through the night to get to the hotel we arrived around 1:30am and we were all tired so I thought no problem I'll be able to sleep.  I had to go to the bathroom bad so when we got the key to the room I went right into the bathroom and guess what I saw...a big spider!  Just take a wild guess on how I slept that night.  Not good, I itched all night and even had bites on my legs in the morning.  Ugh and Ewww! 

Now we are not staying in 5 star hotels more like 2.5/3 so I know we aren't getting the best but its what we can afford so I need to deal with that and at least its not Roach Hotel LOL!  Hey the kids and hubby slept just fine.  It's just me who is bitching.  I'm also the one who hates camping so it's just my issues. 

The next morning we get up and get ready to get on the road.  Oh yeah FOOD is needed.  We walk over to the Hotel's Cafe and had a yummy breakfast. They served 1/2 breakfasts now that's what I like! We were getting ready to leave and I'm looking for my phone and can't find it.  Before having a meltdown and dragging everything out of the car I send hubby to the hotel office and guess what...yep they had it!  Phew!

Back on the road!  Hubby was driving, he owed me some hours because I did most of the driving the night before, lol!  I'm in the back seat with Lil Mama who thinks putting her feet up on me is funny and proceeds to do that for about 4 hours.  I read on my iPad and played numerous games with her and in my head was wishing I was up in the front seat but also knew my son was having a blast in front with Daddy.  They were having some cool conversations about sports, games, and music.  Man stuff!

At the end of the day we pulled up to my Mom's house around 8:30pm and we were very HAPPY!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Road Trip- Rental Car Problems

Oh my where do I start...when did it become so hard to rent a car?

We are a family who has DEBIT CARDS not credit cards.  We only spend what we have.  In our 20's we both got in trouble with credit cards so we decided not to have credit cards.  Well that awesome idea might have to change due to you can't rent a car unless you have a credit card. 

Now some agencies will take a debit card but put a freeze on the amount plus additional % more.  For example, our car rental was going to be $575 for a mid size for 10 days and they wanted to put a $1000 hold on our credit card.  Of course that wasn't going to work for this 1 income family because we needed that extra $500 for our vacation.  We didn't know all this until the DAY we  are to leave, of course. 

My husband works by the airport where all the rental car agencies are so he had his friend drop him off after work at agency.  Friend leaves and hubby goes in and went through all the motions with the agent and then BOOM..."we don't take debit cards, sir" - even though we used it to reserve the car in the first place.  He calls me and lets me know the bad news and that he will go to Hertz, we've rented through them before so he doesn't think it will be a problem.  They would but had to put a hold of over a $1000 on our card.  Nope- not worth it! So off my hubby goes, he has to walk a couple miles to the Bart and then walk home.  I would have gone to get him but he parked his truck in front of the driveway so my car was blocked in.  It was one disaster after another. 

But we all kept our focus on leaving so we tried to stay in good spirits.  We weren't taking our car because we really wanted something new and comfy to travel in.  Plus our car needed new tires and oil change so guess what hubby had to do when he got home- yep new tires and oil change.  At this point we are 4 hours behind schedule.  It crossed my mind just leave early in the morning but we had a hotel room already reserved so we had to go or loose $80.  Such pressure!  We leave and the best part was there was NO TRAFFIC.  If we would have left when we planned to we would have been in the heart traffic for a long time so maybe this happened for a reason- that's just my wishful thinking and reasoning not to get upset at the situation. 

Lesson Learned: Can't rent car with debit card!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

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I Needed a Vacation from My Family Vacation

Wow...just wow what a TRIP that was. We got back last Monday (today is Saturday) and I'm just now feeling up to blogging.  I was exhausted emotionally and physically.  I've been on the couch the last 3 days with a killer stomach ache that the nurse said I might have an UCLER.  WTF!  I think I just ate something bad and maybe all the soda I drank while on vacation just messing with my tummy.  I prefer my diagnose.

Vacations are suppose to relaxing...right?  Yeah right when you travel with 2 kids on the road for 2 days then visit with family for a week then drive back in the RAIN through mountains, nope not relaxing in my book. 

However, I got to visit with some awesome family and friends and it was WORTH it so yes I might bitch a bit but it was overall a wonderful trip! 

This week was suppose to go a lot different but being on the couch sick made me slow down so I guess this was my laying by the beach moment.  I know reaching but hey it worth a shot.  I'm back feeling better and get ready for posts about our Family Road Trip!

BTW...kids are still up in Washington with their grandparents :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids Addiction To Swimming

Today my eyes were opening up and its around 7:30am and there is this curly hair girl looking at me and says "Are we going swimming today?" not "good morning mom or how are you mom".  The pool opens at 2:30pm so in my head I'm like why is she asking me this question so damn early.  But in her head this is the big EVENT so she needs to plan her day.  I roll my eyes and let her know she needs to brush her teeth before asking me questions that require her to breath in my face.  She giggles but stays there and asks again.  Yes Sahara we are going swimming today! 

Ronnell wakes about after 8am comes and gives me a hug then asks "Mom are we going swimming?" yet again not even a  "good morning" but at least I got a hug before the big question.  Once again I roll my eyes. "Yes sweetheart we are going".  Then it was all smiles for about 2 hrs then the "When is it 2:30?" starts happening.  I did work this to my advantage though.  Every time they said something they had to do a  chore around the house.  Guess what got done by my kids today- they cleaned their rooms, they did dishes, vacuumed living room, and I got a load a laundry done by them. 

They were packed, swimsuits on, waiting by the door by 1:30.  LOL.  I am such a mean mom because its 2:13 and I'm still on the computer writing a blog entry. HEHE! 

Guess its time to go SWIMMING! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going on a Road Trip

Am I even ready- no this is how I deal with STRESS, wait until the last minute!  HEHE!  No laughing matter here people, okay yes it is.  Back in the old days I used to write lists, get upset if things didn't get done, stress on everything and anything but now a days I just ROLL WITH IT!  Who am I joking???

I might not be as "anal" as I used to be but how could I with kids and a husband.  We will leave something behind, won't finish something I wanted to do, forget something important at home of course but what can I do about it when I'm already on the road.  My family will probably say- you will throw a fit- curse a couple times and then whine a couple hours but then it will be okay. 

I tend to do things at the last minute because that's just who I am!  My hubby will say its the Sagittarius in me- okay I go with that but really if I did all this crap last week it would get all dirty again, I would have to pull it out and really its just easier to pack the day before going. 

I have 3 lists:  To Pack, What We Need, To Do Around Here- very professional huh! 

I won't let this Family Trip stress me out! 

What are some things you forget at home you wish you didn't, great road trip tips, or anything you want to add to this ROAD TRIP post?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th July Everyone

Enjoy Family and Friends today

I'm dealing with Perimenopause

Well I think I have hit that wonderful experience (right, can you see me rolling my eyes!)- so excited... NOT! I'm going spare you on all the gory details but this is NOT FUN.  It says it can last  2 to 8 years- really?  My mom says it will be worth it- do I believe her though, lol!  I know this is a normal part of life but that doesn't mean I can't bitch about it, lol! 

This weekend was horrible! I was in a lot of pain and it was a nice weekend but I was in bed oohing and aahing.  My hubby did take the kids out for awhile on Saturday leaving me with some peace and quiet to sleep.  Sunday we got up and cleaned early so we could have the rest of the day off. I pretty much took it easy but still was trooper (even in pain).  Today I feel a bit better and the pain sustained but still not all the way myself.   The kids and hubby were wonderful and I feel so bad they have to see me like that though.  I will be making a doctor appointment this week because I don't want to go thru that pain every month. 

Something to look forward to: Menopausal Muffin Top LOL!  BTW I already have that, ugh!

What can I do to help me deal with this:
  • Eat Healthier- something I've been working on so this won't be hard to do.  They suggest diet low in saturated fat and includes plenty of fish, fruits, vegetables, beans, and high-fiber grains and breads.
  • Get adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D
  • Get regular exercise.  Working on that.  Been doing a lot of walking.  I want to start doing Yoga too.
  • Limit caffeine, alcohol, and stress.  OMG...does this mean I have to give up coffee.  Not sure if I can do that!  Limit alcohol and stress I can do that! 2 of 3 not bad right. 
Want to read more please go:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Thanks to Facebook I have a NEW NICKNAME

ShortStack and guess who is having so much fun calling me it....yep Lil Mama!  Then guess who told her to call me that...ummm my mom!  Thanks Mom!  But really I have Facebook to blame for this.

Last week I was working on fan landing pages for PinkMama's Place and Mr Airbrush Hands and I was using the site Shortstack to design them (which BTW the site ROCKS).  I "liked" the Shortstack site and it posted it on Facebook and my mom had so much fun with that one. 

Last night my daughter comes in room after calling me Shortstack for the 20th time ( and after having a conversation with my mom on the phone) and says " Mom your short and your stacked"  Ummm okay how she said it was fricken funny but she didn't realize exactly what she said because right after she said that she says "You stack books, clothes, and all kinds of things"  well you know what my hubby and I thought, right.  I am stacked! 

So thanks Facebook for the new nickname and the laugh.  At least my nickname from Lil Mama isn't as bad as what she calls her daddy "panties" I'm not sure how she came up with that name but I do know why...because it bothers him and she LOVES to pick on him. 

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