Saturday, July 23, 2011

I Needed a Vacation from My Family Vacation

Wow...just wow what a TRIP that was. We got back last Monday (today is Saturday) and I'm just now feeling up to blogging.  I was exhausted emotionally and physically.  I've been on the couch the last 3 days with a killer stomach ache that the nurse said I might have an UCLER.  WTF!  I think I just ate something bad and maybe all the soda I drank while on vacation just messing with my tummy.  I prefer my diagnose.

Vacations are suppose to relaxing...right?  Yeah right when you travel with 2 kids on the road for 2 days then visit with family for a week then drive back in the RAIN through mountains, nope not relaxing in my book. 

However, I got to visit with some awesome family and friends and it was WORTH it so yes I might bitch a bit but it was overall a wonderful trip! 

This week was suppose to go a lot different but being on the couch sick made me slow down so I guess this was my laying by the beach moment.  I know reaching but hey it worth a shot.  I'm back feeling better and get ready for posts about our Family Road Trip!

BTW...kids are still up in Washington with their grandparents :)
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