Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hotel Night- Spiders Oh My!

I can't sleep at hotels, can you?  Even when I sleep at someone elses house I'm constantly waking up.  So then how can vacations be fun if I'm always tired.  I guess that's the price I pay to have fun with family.  Well I'm getting older and sleeping in beds that are not mine is getting harder and harder.  Now lets say if the bed has one of those fluffy mattress/pillows that adjust to your body well then maybe I can do that! 

After driving through the night to get to the hotel we arrived around 1:30am and we were all tired so I thought no problem I'll be able to sleep.  I had to go to the bathroom bad so when we got the key to the room I went right into the bathroom and guess what I saw...a big spider!  Just take a wild guess on how I slept that night.  Not good, I itched all night and even had bites on my legs in the morning.  Ugh and Ewww! 

Now we are not staying in 5 star hotels more like 2.5/3 so I know we aren't getting the best but its what we can afford so I need to deal with that and at least its not Roach Hotel LOL!  Hey the kids and hubby slept just fine.  It's just me who is bitching.  I'm also the one who hates camping so it's just my issues. 

The next morning we get up and get ready to get on the road.  Oh yeah FOOD is needed.  We walk over to the Hotel's Cafe and had a yummy breakfast. They served 1/2 breakfasts now that's what I like! We were getting ready to leave and I'm looking for my phone and can't find it.  Before having a meltdown and dragging everything out of the car I send hubby to the hotel office and guess what...yep they had it!  Phew!

Back on the road!  Hubby was driving, he owed me some hours because I did most of the driving the night before, lol!  I'm in the back seat with Lil Mama who thinks putting her feet up on me is funny and proceeds to do that for about 4 hours.  I read on my iPad and played numerous games with her and in my head was wishing I was up in the front seat but also knew my son was having a blast in front with Daddy.  They were having some cool conversations about sports, games, and music.  Man stuff!

At the end of the day we pulled up to my Mom's house around 8:30pm and we were very HAPPY!

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