Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kids Addiction To Swimming

Today my eyes were opening up and its around 7:30am and there is this curly hair girl looking at me and says "Are we going swimming today?" not "good morning mom or how are you mom".  The pool opens at 2:30pm so in my head I'm like why is she asking me this question so damn early.  But in her head this is the big EVENT so she needs to plan her day.  I roll my eyes and let her know she needs to brush her teeth before asking me questions that require her to breath in my face.  She giggles but stays there and asks again.  Yes Sahara we are going swimming today! 

Ronnell wakes about after 8am comes and gives me a hug then asks "Mom are we going swimming?" yet again not even a  "good morning" but at least I got a hug before the big question.  Once again I roll my eyes. "Yes sweetheart we are going".  Then it was all smiles for about 2 hrs then the "When is it 2:30?" starts happening.  I did work this to my advantage though.  Every time they said something they had to do a  chore around the house.  Guess what got done by my kids today- they cleaned their rooms, they did dishes, vacuumed living room, and I got a load a laundry done by them. 

They were packed, swimsuits on, waiting by the door by 1:30.  LOL.  I am such a mean mom because its 2:13 and I'm still on the computer writing a blog entry. HEHE! 

Guess its time to go SWIMMING! 
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Big D and Me on July 7, 2011 at 11:19 AM said...

My kids love the pool too - they would go everyday if I was willing - it's 102 here and it's almost too hot to swim

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