Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going on a Road Trip

Am I even ready- no this is how I deal with STRESS, wait until the last minute!  HEHE!  No laughing matter here people, okay yes it is.  Back in the old days I used to write lists, get upset if things didn't get done, stress on everything and anything but now a days I just ROLL WITH IT!  Who am I joking???

I might not be as "anal" as I used to be but how could I with kids and a husband.  We will leave something behind, won't finish something I wanted to do, forget something important at home of course but what can I do about it when I'm already on the road.  My family will probably say- you will throw a fit- curse a couple times and then whine a couple hours but then it will be okay. 

I tend to do things at the last minute because that's just who I am!  My hubby will say its the Sagittarius in me- okay I go with that but really if I did all this crap last week it would get all dirty again, I would have to pull it out and really its just easier to pack the day before going. 

I have 3 lists:  To Pack, What We Need, To Do Around Here- very professional huh! 

I won't let this Family Trip stress me out! 

What are some things you forget at home you wish you didn't, great road trip tips, or anything you want to add to this ROAD TRIP post?

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