Saturday, January 29, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 10 – Add Images or Video to Each Blog Post

Very good advice!!!  I started doing pictures/videos recently because my facebook page looked weird with all the PinkMama's Place buttons on every post.  I know that's a weird reason why to use pics but it makes my FB page look better. 

This is something I already started doing but will definitely continue! 

Read article here: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/10/30-days-to-a-better-blog-add-images-or-video-to-each-post/

Friday, January 28, 2011

Freebie: Free Gas X Prevention Sample

Today's Free Sample-Free Gas X Prevention Sample

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Lauren Alaina : Don't Want To Miss A Thing : American Idol 10 Auditions !

Just AMAZING and when she sang with Steven Tyler I was crying. She is going places!!!!! LOVE HER!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chris Medina- American Idol 10 FAVORITE

Very sad story but LOVE his voice and I hope he goes to the finals.  My fav for the night!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My lil mama and her mama


Monday, January 24, 2011

No Kissing Sign

Well last night this was delivered to our bedroom. My husband and I was on the bed (fully clothed) watching TV and the kids were in the living room which is right outside our room. I had my head on my hubby and kissed him and within 10 minutes we got this sign.

We joked with them that this is better than fighting! Then I said...yeah we are in OUR room and can do what we want plus we didn't kiss in front of you. But daughter came back with....we heard ya! Oh geez kids, really! We just shook our heads and kissed AGAIN AND AGAIN! They of course made the puking sounds and told us to stop! Whats wrong with a lil peck here and there, we are not deep throating people!

Someday they will be parents and I hope they get this sign too!
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30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 9 – Establish a Review Policy

I haven't done that many reviews (WOULD LOVE TO DO MORE) but I guess this is very important and all of us who do reviews should have this on our blog.  I will!

Things to include in your review policy:

■Overview: State the objective for your reviews. Are you looking for the best products for your audience? Are you looking to provide well-rounded reviews for your readers?

■What You Look at in a Review: Tell your audience what you look for in the items you’re reviewing, and how you will write the review. Are you looking at content? quality? price? value? other specific factors?

■Items You’re Looking to Review: Make a list of the items you are interested in reviewing – and an example of the items you’re not willing to review.

■Whether You’re Willing to Accept Samples: A variety of companies look to provide bloggers with a sample that they need to return. Some bloggers are fine with that (this way they can review expensive items), while some find it a pain.

■How to Request a Review: Provide contact information for companies looking to send you a review product.

■How You Handle a Review: Tell potential companies how you handle the review. If it is a product that you don’t want to pitch to your audience or would review badly – do you still want to include the review? Will you let the company know? Will you send the product back or pass it on to another reviewer?

■Disclosure: Bloggers are now legally required to disclose if they received an item as a sample and/or were paid for their review as a way to provide transparency to the reader. You can find several sample disclosure on the web, or I found this interesting website that gives you a way to visually display your level of disclosure.

Please read more here:  http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/09/30-days-to-a-better-blog-establish-a-review-policy/

I know what I'm working on TODAY!  Thanks Blog World!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 8 – Add/Edit Your About Me Page

What should you include on your About Me page? Any or all of the following: 
  • Your name
  • A recent photo
  • Your education and/or work history (if relevant to the blog)
  • Why you started the blog
  • Your goal(s) for the blog
  • A link to your contact page (and an invitation for people to contact you)
  • Links to other blogs/websites you may write for or run

Okay going to add a picture, why I started the blog, my goals, and other blogs I do!  I don't think I want to add my education/work though, no need at this moment! 
Always use you VOICE.  I might not be the best in the english language and my spelling sucks but I still write in my voice.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Paris Tassin - Temporary Home : American Idol 10 Auditions !

LOVED HER on American Idol last night! What a wonderful MOM too! She is my FAV so far!

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 7 – Interlink

Today’s tip is a short one, but an important one. Get in the habit of interlinking (linking back to your own content) within the content of your post. Your blog isn’t a place to be shy and self-effacing. If you have good, relevant content – link back to it!

I know I don't do this and I'm a bit confused on how to do this...but I think it is telling us to use our OWN links in our posts. 

Don't forget to do FaceBook Friday http://pinkmamasplace.blogspot.com/2011/01/facebook-friday-lets-link-up.html

More info here: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/07/30-days-to-a-better-blog-interlink/



SmookieStyle AND Mom vs The Boys!

The rules are simple:
1. Add your facebook page to the linky tool below
2. Like your hosts in the #1 and #2 spot
3. Like the person in the spot above yours and then like whoever else you want, the more the merrier!

Be sure to leave a little comment on their fb wall with a link back to your fb page so they can like you back**

Wanna help spread the word??

Write your own post telling your readers about Facebook Friday. Below/beside the linky, you’ll see “What is a Blog Hop? Get the code here”.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

21 Ways I'm Going to Get My Swag Back

Over the years of being married and being a mom....I lost my swag (me)!  Guess what I'm going to do....get my SWAG back this year.  Who is PAM the woman?

What is SWAG: appearance ,style,or the way he or she presents themselves.The way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor.

Taking a good look in the MIRROR

1. Improve my diet. Chocolate and Chips ( not together) are my 2 FAV things and its so hard to give them up.  I really need to work on eating breakfast...like today its 10 am and nothing but coffee in my system.

2. Get a haircut. I want a REAL haircut...not a $15 one.  I want style and what do I do with my bushy, thick, curly hair anyways.  I want all the straight sexy looks! 

3. Update My Wardrobe. Throw out the torn jeans, raggy sweats w/stains all over, and the shirts with stains every where.  I need new clothes.  I LOVE long sweaters, nice fittin jeans that fit over my big booty! 

4. Get glasses.  Face it Pam...the eyesite isn't what it used to be :)  Wink Wink...go get ya some glasses so you can read more!

5. Shoes.....I want some SEXY shoes not tennis shoes.  Oh and please throw out the flip flops- get some sexy sandals.  I did buy some boots so I've been rockin those everywhere. 

6. Underwear. Granny panties please leave my house.  I want to wear cute, sexy ones because they make me feel good.  Now I'm not the biggest fan of thongs- don't like things riding up (LOL) but some cute boy shorts I will rock every day if I can. 

7. Stop comparing myself to others. This is easy to say and difficult to do, but it is essential. I am ME and I need to accept that!

Get My Crap Together

8. Align my priorities. Yes, kids will always be #1 but I need to fit up there too!  I need to stop buying them stuff...they have enough!  I need new clothes and shoes too, right? 

9 Set goals. Oh I have a lot goals and I need to write them down instead of them being in my head.  And make a plan for each one! 

10 Work: I would love to STOP waitressing this year.  My old body can't handle it anymore.  I'm so sore after a day of working.  I enjoy my customers so thats what keeps me going.  I want to focus more on my SOCIAL MEDIA plan and get some clients under my belt.  I need to have that confidence that I can do it!  Stop being scared JUST DO IT!

11. Organize finances. How about save money...never know what the future holds, need money though!  I don't have credit cards (thank god!) so I just have basic bills that I pay every month.  We do eat out 2-3 a week it would be nice to save some $$$ there!

12. Drop bad habits and develop good ones.  Bad habits....snacking at night, not eating breakfast, and man I could go on and on but I think I need to stop here!  I don't drink or smoke so I think I'm doing good in the bad habit box.  Develop good one...TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!!

13. Cut dead weight. In all aspects of my life!!

Be More Active

14. Go on a TRIP...would love to go with my mom or by myself...is that bad? 
15. Exercising makes you look and feel better (duh, right?).  Well I can't afford a gym membership so Wii Fitness needs to be my friend!  I can do it!

16. Start walking. Running is out of the question!  I want to do Bay to Breakers this year and I plan to train for it...walking with a friend sounds like a plan.  Lake Merrit is the place to go!

17. Take up a new hobby. I want to be more crafty!  I would also like to learn how to cook.  It's about time right?? 
Get Inspired

18. Listen to more music...I have myself a ipod shuffle now and LOVING IT!  It took me awhile to figure out how to put music on it though. 

19. Write! Write! Write!  I've been journaling and of course blogging (some things belong in a personal journal than on the wide world web.  I can't tell ya all my secrets or desires...LOL!

20. Enjoy my family and friends more! 

21.  I actually would like to get back in Drama.  Something I've been thinking about for awhile now. 
I know there is more but hey at the moment this might be enough!!

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 6 – Tweet This

Do you have a TWITTER account?  I do and its @pinkmama68 (follow me please)!!

Now you want the TWEET THIS button on each post!  This allows people who like your post to re-tweet it and get your message out there! 

If you have Wordpress you can download any of the below plugins:

■Tweet This
■Twitter for WordPress
■Twitter Tools
■WP Twitter

If you have Blogger:  (my web page just came with it so I didn't install mine)

I did find one that has the steps:  http://www.solidblogger.com/add-retweet-button-blogger-blog-post/

Also on Blog World (link below they give a couple more sites to go to)

Read more here: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/06/30-days-to-a-better-blog-tweet-this/

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Don't get me wrong... I love my hubby but some days I just look at him with this WTF stare and I probably will get in trouble for posting this but....love you honey!   

Last night he brought home McDonald's at 5:30pm for himself and the kids (including sodas) and acted like it was fine.  Ummm HELL to the No is it okay....I was making a $15 beef roast, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans and he knew this.  I felt my whole body get all tense and before I blew my top I gave him one of those looks "Don't talk to me because you are going to get it", I don't like fighting in front of the kids.  So I kept my mouth shut but everyone in the room knew I was pissed.  Then on top of it...I realized he didn't even bother getting me anything (I hate mcd's food...but its the point right???)...like a mocha which he knows is the only thing I will have at mcd's! 

I stayed in the kitchen the whole night...lil mama and I made a red velet cake and then I finished dinner.  Dinner was going to be ready at 6:30 but since they just ate I postponed dinner a bit and we ate at 7pm.  Yes they did eat but I think everyone knew they HAD TO!  This roast was not going to be wasted!!!!

So lesson learned....NO MCDONALDS before dinner OK????

Sunday, January 16, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 5 – Keep Up With Your Comments

Keeping on top of your comments should be just as important as writing your next post. 

Thanks BlogWorld because that is some great advice and I really need to be on top of that. 

Field Spam. I just FLAG the spam on this blog and on my wordpress blog I have Akismet installed which does an awesome job.  Some of the comments are funny and nothing to do with your blog or the post.  Don't let it get to you...just DELETE!

Approve Comments.  I manually approve my comments but I need to do the follow thru....actual respond back.  
Reply to Comments. I love it when I post on a blog and they respond back to me...LOVE IT! So I need to do the same here. I'm making a commitment to do that from now on and I will be going back and making sure I haven't missed anyone lately. I know I have this week to do for sure!
Start a Debate.  So if someone doesn't like your post/blog still respond to them...ok I understand the concept and I will do that from now on.  Great advice. 

Bring Comments Into Your Posts.  LOVE this idea!  I will be browsing my comments and sharing some in the future.  Also recommend a GUEST POST....ummm thats a great idea too.  I need to find a BLOGGING BUDDY. 

Please visit Blog World to get more details on this post http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/05/30-days-to-a-better-blog-keep-up-with-your-comments/

Friday, January 14, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Use Your ‘Preview’ Button DAY 4

Hanging my head in shame because I DON'T do this!  I need too though.  I didn't know If someone is using an RSS reader, they are going to see the first published version of your post.  Well that's not good!  I always add /change/fix stuff so now I will do that all in PREVIEW mode! 

When you preview, look for the following items:

■Correct spelling

■Correct grammar

■Images are aligned properly

■Images are spaced and sized properly

■Any embedded players are working correctly

■Font tags close appropriately

■All URLs work

■All <><>and tags are properly closed so that you’re entire template isn’t skewed

Please read more here: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/04/30-days-to-a-better-blog-use-your-preview-button/

Ok...I did it with this post LOL!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got my BOOTS today!

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Those are my in the house comfy ones and I also got some heel ones that have fur at the top.  I love them and I got them for a FABULOUS price 50% off a couple weeks ago through a site called: http://www.afaze.com/

I saw the deal on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Afaze/98881961755) and jumped on it!  It was simple and fast. Very pleased!

30 Days to a Better Blog: Add/Edit Your Contact Me Page

Contact page is very important no matter what!  If companies want to approach you about product reviews, how can they contact you if they don't have any way to do that!  I also put a little character in my intro and not sure if that good but hey its me and its staying. 

Here is what they say to add on your Contact Page:

■Name of the blog/company
■Name of the blogger(s)

■Email addresses
■Social networking
■Physical address ( I didn't do this because I don't feel safe doing that. Stalkers PEOPLE...just saying) I did say if they want my address they can email me.
■Phone number (didn't put this either)
■Fax number (people still have faxes?) 

You may consider setting up a Contact Form that generates an automatic email to your inbox. By providing a drop-down box with “Reasons for Contact” you can easily sift through emails and distribute them appropriately.

Great Idea....now I need to find this CONTACT FORM.

Let me know if you put anything else on your Contact Page.

Full article: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/03/30-days-to-a-better-blog-addedit-your-contact-me-page/

DAY 2: 30 Days to a Better Blog: Add a Link To Your RSS Feed

OMG....I needed this.  Today I noticed that my RSS wasn't working because of this application (wibiya) I had on my site was blocking it.  Ugh well that's a bit frustrating but hey I would rather have the RSS feed button working than the cool toolbar that pops up.

I went on Feedburner and WOW I have 56 subscribers.  I don't understand all the other stuff on Feedburner but I'm hoping its all good and I'm doing something right.  So lets see by fixing the issue and placing a RSS button on website will get me more readers.

Here is the full article: http://www.blogworld.com/tag/30-days-to-a-better-blog/page/2/

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I hate Veggies but I am a Mom.

This is one of my biggest dilemmas as a mom.  I was a very picky eater (ask my mom and dad) and it has stayed with me all my life.  Its not necessary the taste its the texture.  Slimy spinach...ewwww gross!  I know your laughing but I deal with this everyday!  I am not the best cook either so to try to cook with veggies has always been a struggle.  I eat salads....always love raw veggies more than cooked.  Being a mom who doesn't like veggies is probably a kids dream but its not my DREAM.  With that said I have never said to my kids "don't eat that...ewww gross" but I haven't out right told them "eat your veggies" either.  We eat veggies every night but its either corn, green beans, peas (but I don't have them on my plate) or a salad.  When my hubby cooks he throws in veggies and I wish I could cook like him but I would have to try the food and I'm not going to eat that slimy stuff!  When will I grow up LOL! 

My kids are big salad eaters so I'm not totally being a bad mom! 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look at what I WON!

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I entered a contest on http://www.myorganizedchaos.net/ and I WON! 

I have used the products already and LOVE them!

THANKS RubberMaid, Sharpie and of course My Organized Chaos.

(side note...I also was able to post this from my phone...LOVIN my android phone)

30 Days to a Better Blog- Day 1

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 1 – Update WordPress

This blog is in on Blogger so I don't need to do it for this blog but for my other 2 blogs (husbands and my social media blog) are on Wordpress.  Putting this on my to-do lists for each site.

The biggest thing I learned from this blog post is..... *WordPress suggests disabling Plugins because there might be problems after the upgrade.   But if you never have done a update....PLEASE BACK UP before you do it.  I learned my lesson last year and lost everything I worked for 2 yrs.  I got back some but after I lost that I never could get back into that blog. 

Please visit: http://www.blogworld.com/2011/01/01/30-days-to-a-better-blog-update-wordpress/

I'm going to be doubling up on posts to make sure I catch up soon. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Facebook Friday

Thanks Mom vs the Boys blog for this wonderful way to get to know each other!

This is a great way to get to know other blogs and facebook pages. I love finding new blogs! Hope to see you over there and on my facebook page!


The rules are simple:
1. Add your facebook page to the linky tool below
2. Like your hosts in the #1 and #2 spot
3. Like the person in the spot above yours
and then like whoever else you want, the more the merrier!

**Be sure to leave a little comment on their fb wall with a link back to your fb page so they can like you back**

This Week went FAST! Resolutions anyone?

Well in the back of my head one of my New Year resolutions was to write 1 blog post a day....ummm that didn't happen did it!  Resolutions don't work for me but I do set some goals and wish lists.  I give myself little timelines and TRY (yes try) to get them done.  If I stressed on everything I said I was going to do geez I would be a wreak 24/7! 

Goals TODAY:
  1. Write Blog Posts- PMP and PamAllenOnline
  2. Read my fav blogs/comment/find new blogs
  3. Do Facebook Friday
  4. Post Pictures onto Hubby's airbrush site
  5. Craiglist ad-airbrush
  6. Get to school by 3 for bakesale table
I think that is enough for TODAY! 

How do you handle New Year Resolutions???   I have some more 2011 goals- will share later.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1/1/11!

I'm old because I slept through midnight...did wake up because of the fireworks.  I texted my hubby (knew he was asleep) and went right back to sleep.  My family is about 3 hrs away visiting in laws.  I have to work on Sat/Sun so here I am in a quiet clean house.  Just the way I like it for a little awhile.  They left yesterday but I'll be missing them by tonight. 

It's raining so woke up to more ants just wondering trying to find something to latch on....haha you won't find anything unless the kids have a hidden stash somewhere...which they might!

What is 2011 going to bring?  I don't know and I usually don't do resolutions because I never stick to them and then I give up until the next year- vicious circle LOL!.  However I give myself 5 things I want to work on....no deadlines or PRESSURE!  I have been thinking of a few so let me write them down now.

2011 Wish List for Pam- hey this sounds like another post heading....ummmm maybe it should! 


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