Thursday, January 20, 2011

21 Ways I'm Going to Get My Swag Back

Over the years of being married and being a mom....I lost my swag (me)!  Guess what I'm going to do....get my SWAG back this year.  Who is PAM the woman?

What is SWAG: appearance ,style,or the way he or she presents themselves.The way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style, and demeanor.

Taking a good look in the MIRROR

1. Improve my diet. Chocolate and Chips ( not together) are my 2 FAV things and its so hard to give them up.  I really need to work on eating breakfast...like today its 10 am and nothing but coffee in my system.

2. Get a haircut. I want a REAL haircut...not a $15 one.  I want style and what do I do with my bushy, thick, curly hair anyways.  I want all the straight sexy looks! 

3. Update My Wardrobe. Throw out the torn jeans, raggy sweats w/stains all over, and the shirts with stains every where.  I need new clothes.  I LOVE long sweaters, nice fittin jeans that fit over my big booty! 

4. Get glasses.  Face it Pam...the eyesite isn't what it used to be :)  Wink Wink...go get ya some glasses so you can read more!

5. Shoes.....I want some SEXY shoes not tennis shoes.  Oh and please throw out the flip flops- get some sexy sandals.  I did buy some boots so I've been rockin those everywhere. 

6. Underwear. Granny panties please leave my house.  I want to wear cute, sexy ones because they make me feel good.  Now I'm not the biggest fan of thongs- don't like things riding up (LOL) but some cute boy shorts I will rock every day if I can. 

7. Stop comparing myself to others. This is easy to say and difficult to do, but it is essential. I am ME and I need to accept that!

Get My Crap Together

8. Align my priorities. Yes, kids will always be #1 but I need to fit up there too!  I need to stop buying them stuff...they have enough!  I need new clothes and shoes too, right? 

9 Set goals. Oh I have a lot goals and I need to write them down instead of them being in my head.  And make a plan for each one! 

10 Work: I would love to STOP waitressing this year.  My old body can't handle it anymore.  I'm so sore after a day of working.  I enjoy my customers so thats what keeps me going.  I want to focus more on my SOCIAL MEDIA plan and get some clients under my belt.  I need to have that confidence that I can do it!  Stop being scared JUST DO IT!

11. Organize finances. How about save money...never know what the future holds, need money though!  I don't have credit cards (thank god!) so I just have basic bills that I pay every month.  We do eat out 2-3 a week it would be nice to save some $$$ there!

12. Drop bad habits and develop good ones.  Bad habits....snacking at night, not eating breakfast, and man I could go on and on but I think I need to stop here!  I don't drink or smoke so I think I'm doing good in the bad habit box.  Develop good one...TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!!!

13. Cut dead weight. In all aspects of my life!!

Be More Active

14. Go on a TRIP...would love to go with my mom or by myself...is that bad? 
15. Exercising makes you look and feel better (duh, right?).  Well I can't afford a gym membership so Wii Fitness needs to be my friend!  I can do it!

16. Start walking. Running is out of the question!  I want to do Bay to Breakers this year and I plan to train for it...walking with a friend sounds like a plan.  Lake Merrit is the place to go!

17. Take up a new hobby. I want to be more crafty!  I would also like to learn how to cook.  It's about time right?? 
Get Inspired

18. Listen to more music...I have myself a ipod shuffle now and LOVING IT!  It took me awhile to figure out how to put music on it though. 

19. Write! Write! Write!  I've been journaling and of course blogging (some things belong in a personal journal than on the wide world web.  I can't tell ya all my secrets or desires...LOL!

20. Enjoy my family and friends more! 

21.  I actually would like to get back in Drama.  Something I've been thinking about for awhile now. 
I know there is more but hey at the moment this might be enough!!

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Chanel on January 20, 2011 at 6:30 PM said...

Those are some great ways to get your swag back. I think 18 of those are on my list too. I love my granny panties though...they're so darn comfortable. I totally understand about getting out of the restaurant business. It can be pretty addictive. I've been working in it for six years now. Good luck on getting your swag back.

Stephanie Bates on December 6, 2012 at 12:18 PM said...

I think you're off to a great start! Sometimes it just helps to put it out there like that! Always love yourself no matter what! Nice blog!

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