Saturday, January 22, 2011

30 Days to a Better Blog: Day 8 – Add/Edit Your About Me Page

What should you include on your About Me page? Any or all of the following: 
  • Your name
  • A recent photo
  • Your education and/or work history (if relevant to the blog)
  • Why you started the blog
  • Your goal(s) for the blog
  • A link to your contact page (and an invitation for people to contact you)
  • Links to other blogs/websites you may write for or run

Okay going to add a picture, why I started the blog, my goals, and other blogs I do!  I don't think I want to add my education/work though, no need at this moment! 
Always use you VOICE.  I might not be the best in the english language and my spelling sucks but I still write in my voice.
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