Monday, January 24, 2011

No Kissing Sign

Well last night this was delivered to our bedroom. My husband and I was on the bed (fully clothed) watching TV and the kids were in the living room which is right outside our room. I had my head on my hubby and kissed him and within 10 minutes we got this sign.

We joked with them that this is better than fighting! Then I said...yeah we are in OUR room and can do what we want plus we didn't kiss in front of you. But daughter came back with....we heard ya! Oh geez kids, really! We just shook our heads and kissed AGAIN AND AGAIN! They of course made the puking sounds and told us to stop! Whats wrong with a lil peck here and there, we are not deep throating people!

Someday they will be parents and I hope they get this sign too!
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