Thursday, January 13, 2011

DAY 2: 30 Days to a Better Blog: Add a Link To Your RSS Feed

OMG....I needed this.  Today I noticed that my RSS wasn't working because of this application (wibiya) I had on my site was blocking it.  Ugh well that's a bit frustrating but hey I would rather have the RSS feed button working than the cool toolbar that pops up.

I went on Feedburner and WOW I have 56 subscribers.  I don't understand all the other stuff on Feedburner but I'm hoping its all good and I'm doing something right.  So lets see by fixing the issue and placing a RSS button on website will get me more readers.

Here is the full article: http://www.blogworld.com/tag/30-days-to-a-better-blog/page/2/
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