Friday, January 7, 2011

This Week went FAST! Resolutions anyone?

Well in the back of my head one of my New Year resolutions was to write 1 blog post a day....ummm that didn't happen did it!  Resolutions don't work for me but I do set some goals and wish lists.  I give myself little timelines and TRY (yes try) to get them done.  If I stressed on everything I said I was going to do geez I would be a wreak 24/7! 

Goals TODAY:
  1. Write Blog Posts- PMP and PamAllenOnline
  2. Read my fav blogs/comment/find new blogs
  3. Do Facebook Friday
  4. Post Pictures onto Hubby's airbrush site
  5. Craiglist ad-airbrush
  6. Get to school by 3 for bakesale table
I think that is enough for TODAY! 

How do you handle New Year Resolutions???   I have some more 2011 goals- will share later.
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