Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Monday-Good Start

I got up this morning and had 2 cups of coffee then got my ass up to do the WiiFit. Half way thru my mom calls so I sit down for at least 30 minutes talking to her. She had some great news about her future so it was nice to hear that.

I went back to the Wii and finished. Then played with the kids for awhile or actually played until the Bad Azz kids next door came over. The kids will drop anything to play with these kids. No idea, WHY! They are so mean my kids that I actually cringe when they come over. That's not a good feeling. I cleaned for a little bit but not much since its MONDAY, my rest day.

I was suppose to get my hair done today but I just wasn't feeling like going out and dealing with people today.

I got some work done plus played on Farmtown. My new addiction....Farmtown, not good. All my online friends including myself are getting in trouble by our hubbys. I justify it because he plays xbox for hours...well now I have an addiction. But I need help, lol!

What I need to do this week:

* research on my other job...training-classes.com.
* keep up with mtmt
* ty email to banner resv
* entrecard
* WiiFit m-f
* Meeting w/stuart on Wed at 5
* Zumba-Wed 6:30
* Dr appts
* print invoices
* craigslist-soccer banner
* write the team handbook
* work on this blog

I'm sure I might add more and will cross off when I complete tasks.

I'm watching "Dance your ass off" I want to be on this show. In the past 54 days I've lost 6.7lbs. The wii fit told me that this morning. I can't believe it because I was doing nothing but keeping up with these kids.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Back to Blogging

I really need to keep this blog updated because I have a lot to say!

Starting Monday I'm hoping to get a lil bit more organized and this blog is in my top ten things I need to do every day.

See ya soon!

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