Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plans Changed!

Well we are not going to move. I'm very disappointed but I keeping telling myself "things happen for a reason". And I'm holding on to that. My hubby backed out and then the plans just went down the toilet. This move was stressing out my hubby, my kids, my mom, and of course myself! We were all walking around the house mad. My mom and I were fighting over the phone. I think I had my arms folded across my chest for at least 2 weeks.

I don't blame anyone but myself because I had such high hopes and didn't really look at the REAL BIG picture. My hubby got scared. I just wish he would have told me sooner like before the plane tickets/hotel rooms were bought. My mom is pissed, and pissed enough not to call me on my 40th bday. I don't blame her I would be mad at me too!

My friend told me that I just need to let go of that dream of going back home because she doesn't think it will happen for awhile at least. She knows I have a hard time here but she thinks I need to give the Bay Area a second chance and not let people get to me.

I guess a new chapter in my life needs to begin so I can move forward. I've been at a stand still for a couple years now. Depression is knocking on my door everyday but my kids are my motivation to be strong. I do need to change, fix, and add to my life that is for sure.
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