Thursday, October 16, 2008

We are moving....Woohoo

We live in Cali now and will be moving to WASH state at the end of the year. I'm from WA and miss my family a lot. I've been with my hubby 10 yrs almost (married 2) and its time we get the heck out of here.

When we had our son "Bro" we moved to Fresno to be closer to his family. That was a 3hr move. Well it was too hot, family not so family like, no jobs, and our relationship was hurting so we moved back to the bay area.

After getting our old jobs back and being back a month we got pregnant w/"Sis". We weren't going anywhere for awhile. After 5 yrs in this 900 square feet house we have finally outgrown the house. The kids hate sharing a room and pretty much fight about it everyday. Sharing a bathroom w/my kids and hubby has been a nightmare for me but you do what you got to do. My kitchen is a hallway. I have one counter and 4 cupboards...what the heck am I suppose to do with that. Plus no dishwasher, I know a bit petty but for someone who hates to do dishes its rough with no dishwasher.

My family misses me dearly and is ready for me to come home. I moved after a divorce (yes married 2 times) to find myself. It's been 13 yrs and its time for me to come home. I also want to give my hubby a different outlook on "family life". He grew up totally different than I did and I want to show him that plus I want to give my kids a family life. We don't go anywhere here because horrible traffic, kids shooting other kids, no respect for others, and the list goes on but thats my top 3. My mom loves her grandkids and wants to take them camping, have sleepovers, and all that good stuff grandmas want to do. I'm sure my dad wouldn't mind some fishing partners hanging around either. We are all getting older so why waste time lets be together.

Hubby's family probably won't even notice we are gone. I know a lil bit bitchy but very true! Okay I'll be nice now.

Why am I writing this down about moving well there is a lot to do and I want to keep on track. We will be living w/my mom for a month at least (no longer please) in her RV (big one). I want to be organized and not stressed out. When I'm stressed everyone is stressed, not a good thing.

Moving GOALS:

*I want to get all the stuff we don't use packed up by the middle of Nov with a list on each box what is inside.

*I will have 4 piles: Garbage, Freecycle/Goodwill, Sell on Craigslist, and keep.

*I have a lot of clutter and I will be going thru all of it. Maybe I can get rid of my 4 piles of magazines (one in each room).

*Save money for gas for the moving truck...I have a jar full of coins now.

I know there is so much more but this is good for now.
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