Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wii Fit-love it!

OMG I love this device. I'm chubby, yes I admit it out loud....I'm CHUBBY. I've always been a bit thick (tell more about this word later) but still cute..well that's what people say. I'm always the cute girl never the pretty girl, well at least its not the ugly girl.

Ok, back to the Wii. My hubby and son are big time gamers and they have been dying to get a Wii. Not that the 2 xbox's, PlayStation 2, PSP, and a Nintendo DS wasn't enough. I was not wanting it at all so I made a comprimise with hubby. We can get the Wii but he has to get the Wii fit for me. He was cool with that, anything to get a new game system.

We have had the Wii fit for 4 weeks now and I have lost 5 lbs. I feel so good. I will let you know all about my Wii fit adventures soon enough. The funny thing is the person who is playing the Wii the most is my 4 yr old daughter. She does the yoga, balance, bowling, tennis, and golf EVERYDAY. She even lets me know that I need to do the Wii fit. She is my trainer I guess, lol!

I hate going to the gym because I don't look good in exercise clothes or even doing the exercises. I went to Jazzercise and always was in the back because the older ladies in the front was doing the kicks, running, dance move like they were in their 20's, ugh I didn't like that. Then I tried Curves....that actually worked but it was hard to find time w/o kids to go do that. I know a lot of excuses...lol. Chubby girls do that!

The Wii Fit allows me to dress the way I want (fat rolls and all), no need for the babysitter, and I don't have to pay each month (hubby paid for this thing and its a lifetime membership). It tracks your weight/bmi, balance, and progress. It's like having your own trainer right in your house.

So all you chubby girls out there get a Wii Fit because I'm telling ya its the bomb, lol!
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