Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Stress- Happy it's OVER!

I'm saying HOLIDAY because these days you don't know who celebrates what so best to keep it simple- just my opinion!  Anyways, whatever holiday you celebrate are you happy it is OVER?  I know I AM!

Holiday's stress me out!  I have 3 b'days to deal with in the same month and its so overwhelming.  Yes, I say "oh I'll start early next year" but to be honest I don't.  That's my fault I know.  Doing the day to day stuff plus adding into getting ready for something several months down the road is not in my mind-frame!  Maybe one year this might work but that means I need to stop being a "procrastinator" and good luck with that one.

I feel like I let everyone down when I don't send holiday cards out, bake cookies, or buy gifts for everyone in the family.  That's a lot of stress to put on someone who doesn't plan ahead at all. I could say my New Years resolution could be "I'm going to be more organized" but I say that every year, lol.  So then when I don't do those things I get all depressed and get in that "I SUCK" mode that hovers over me for the whole month!

I try my hardest to make it the best Xmas for the kids and I do get that done!  We are not the religious family on the block so yes its about the presents- sorry.  I have one kid who doesn't believe in Santa and one who LOVES Santa so I adjust to that.  This year I let Lil Man set out the half eaten cookies and the empty milk cup.  He wanted to bring up "Santa's" presents but I said "I still want him to enjoy the excitement of surprise in the morning" so off to bed he went.

Cooking Christmas dinner is also a chore I wasn't looking forward  (I'm not of fan of cooking, remember) to  but I didn't stress over it and it was a wonderful dinner that the four of us enjoyed.  Still enjoying Ham sandwiches!

Biggest STRESS what not being with FAMILY!  I hate living so far away from my family (only in December though) but we Skyped and that was fun watching my grandma (90 something) figure out why I was talking out of a laptop.

Now CLEANING up after the holiday is just a lost cause until all kids go back to school!

So I guess now I have to think about my 2012 plans/resolutions- so stay tuned for that. :)

Maybe I should do this next year:

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