Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Birthday...TODAY!

Yesterday I was quite grumpy about today....something about getting an year older is not a happy moment I guess. Anyways, woke up today and the LOVE I felt from my kids was so special it took all those feelings away!

The kids this morning sang me the Birthday Song 3 different ways and guess what didn't argue, fight or talk back- why can't that happen EVERY DAY!! 

I had the best cup of coffee and I was able to drink the whole cup without any interruptions.  What a difference that makes!  I got on Facebook and WOW the FB LOVE was amazing!  On holidays FB really allows you to reach out to people and let them know how you feel without buying the card and sending it :).  Got to LOVE FB!

Got a gift from one of my BFF's a beautiful shirt and scarf- of course in my FAV color PINK!  She ROCKS big time.  She came and picked up the kids for school so I even got a hug too!

I do have to work today (normally I don't work on Tues) but I will make the most of it plus it's only for a couple hours and I get a wonderful lunch out of it- so it's all good. 

My family says I will be chilling for the rest of the day so I will take that as I don't have to lift a finger today- as a mom/wife- best gift ever!  And I don't care what my house looks like until tomorrow morning :)!!!

Here are the HOMEMADE CARDS the kids made for me:  (I rather have them make me a card then buy one) Also in my son's card he is pointing his finger not holding a gun (I had to ask because I was going to freak out...lol)- he said he wanted me to know he was pointing at Lil Mama!  Than he looked at me and rolled his eyes when I said it looked like a gun.

Today I turn 40 something and so far its a wonderful day.  Tonight the kids are making me French Bread Pizza- one of my FAV dinners! 

Thursday it is Lil Man's B'day!
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