Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fighting about money

I hate fighting over money with my hubby!  We have a weird way of dealing with money as a married couple and its hard to find the right balance.  We split everything down the middle.  This began when we dated and let me tell you it bothered me then and it bothers me NOW.  I make more money some months then he does because I have 3 jobs.  When the airbrush business is good then all is good.  He told me yesterday that I spent too much money on the kids...well dude it my amazon associate gift cards that I used for 50% of what they got.

Yes, they got spoiled but everything I bought was at least 30-80% off.  He is just upset I didn't spoil him....that stopped years ago when after the 3rd year of being together and he wouldn't even make the effort to make me gift then I threw in the bag.  Before I get comments about how Xmas is not about how much money you spend.....I KNOW that is my point to my husband over the years so I gave up!  He would be opening up presents I made and/or bought as happy as a clam and there I sit with nothing...I guess I'm still bitter because nothing has changed.  He still goes out on Xmas Eve to Walgreens/Long's Drug store and buys me crap....I want something from his heart!  Maybe a portrait (because that is what he does) of our kids....I gave that idea to him many times.  Okay now this post has turned in a RANT about my hubby's gift giving, lol!  So let's get back on track.....

Okay I spent more on the kids this year than other years...ok fine but who is it hurting.  When we moved I threw away a lot of their toys so we have room.  We have a beautiful tree and decorations up everywhere so why not have a WONDERFUL Christmas.  For the last 3 years I haven't really been int he Xmas spirit so let me have this year.  Plus my kids are 5 and 8 this is all about the presents anyways if we are really honest.  

We are going to have a beautiful Christmas filled with love, family, friends, and guess what a lot of  PRESENTS for the kids!
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