Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh My Goodness...

It's been a long time since I wrote on this blog!

I really need to start writing on here more often. As a family we have had a lot happen in the last couple months. WE MOVED! Yep we made the big plunge but we stayed in the BAY AREA! This move is a blessing in soooooo many ways.

MORE SPACE~ Oh my I can't even explain to you how cramped I felt in the old house. My friend just told me she hated coming over to my other house because it was so dark and dreary, try living in that for 6yrs. I was going crazy and was just not happy! Couldn't really cook or do anything in the kitchen but NOW I have a huge kitchen with a beautiful marble island in the middle.

NO MORE BAD KIDS~ This was my biggest STRESS factor at the old house. The 2 kids next door were mean and nasty. The boy is 1 yr older than Lil Man and he made sure Lil Man knew that everyday. This kid chipped my kids front teeth and the mommy didn't do anything- oh don't get me started on the mom, lol! The little girl was just pure mean, she loved to flip me off and pick on Lil Mama. I don't miss....Mommy she is hitting me, Mommy she yelled in my face, Mommy she called me a lil bitch. Yep a 6yr old would call my 5yr old a little bitch....wonder where she got that phrase! So happy we don't live by them anymore! Love our new neighborhood kids!

COMMUTE~ Oh my this was a big stress factor too. Getting into traffic everyday and dealing with bad ass drivers, rude people and the kids fighting in the back seat because they didn't like being in the car that long in the morning. Now its a five minute drive and I can't wait for it to get nice and sunny so we can WALK. I put in $20 a week and that lasts about 10 days. We have everything around us so we don't have to go far....LOVIN IT!

I'm a much happier person since we moved....and if Mommy is happy than everyone is happy :)
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Theta Mom on December 17, 2009 at 6:30 AM said...

So happy you found a place that works for you and your family. I also used to commute and I am convinced it took years off my life. I know exactly what you mean, so just to cut that down is worth a move! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. Funny how we've been following each other on twitter and never really "talked." So glad we re-connected! I look forward to blogging with you! ;)

Mommy Bear on December 19, 2009 at 9:13 PM said...

That is wonderful that you removed all the stress from your life and moved to a place that you are much happier at. I am currently looking for my stress free and happier place.

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