Monday, September 28, 2009

Are you a Room Parent? You need Qlubb.com

This year I'm signed up for both my kids class as Room Parent. Don't ask what I was thinking but being involved in my kids school is very important to us as a family.

I'm a WAHM during the week so I have time to but did I want to send out or call every parent when there was something happening in the school...no! When I saw qlubb.com (thanks twittermoms!) I was very intrigued and corresponded w/a representative from Qlubb. In a week I was sent the most awesome lunch box with accessories, everything you would need for a NO Garbage lunch (if the kids ate all the food that it). I knew they were the right fit for our school because we are trying to go GREEN in our school plus we use the 4R's on a regular basis.

Now on to the site...qlubb.com! Wow what a cool tool for Room Parents and any group who needs to be organized. Its quite simple to use too.

What Qlubb.com offers:

*Private, secure Website– a central place where members can easily share photos, messages, links, blurbs and more.
*Dedicated easy-to-remember web address(yourqlubb.qlubb.com) and email address (yourqlubb@qlubb.com)
*Intuitive UI- so easy-to–use that anyone in the group, including members with limited technical skills can immediately participate.
*Universal access- Anyone member can easily edit pages which removes the bottleneck of burdening one person from having to do all of the work.
*Security- only members with the right password can participate so your messages, photos, content are all safe and secure.
*Automatic reminders– task and event reminders are sent to members via email (if desired).
*Customized reminders– when reminders are sent can be customized, such as the day or week before an event.
*Subset reminders- Reminders can also be sent to a subset of members such as people who have RSVP’d or who have task assignments.

So far the parents that have signed up really think this is a great site that we will be able to utilize to keep in touch with other parents.

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Theta Mom on September 28, 2009 at 6:12 PM said...

I never heard of Qlubb.com. Thanks for the tip, sounds like it's worth a look! Thanks for the follow on my blog. I am following you back. :)

Shameless Momma on September 29, 2009 at 5:22 PM said...

Very interesting site. Why didn't you leave a link to or give us your Qlubb name? On the main site it says you can be entered for every new member you refer. I'd like to be a part of the site, but want you to get something out of it since I read about it on your blog!

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