Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Spare Tire- where did it come from?

Yes, I've been chubby pretty much my whole life but from my chest to my belly button has always been fine (except for when I was pregnant LOL).  Not anymore I now have a spare tire that has been getting bigger and bigger or maybe I'm just now noticing it!

Anyhoo, no matter when it arrived I need to get rid of it!  How do you get someone who hates to exercise to exercise???  I totally get that I need to that, that's not the problem the problem is getting my big ass to commit to actual working out.  You can call my lazy but I'm not!  I'm on the move a lot but do you think I can fit in a workout for the life of me...better watch what I say!

Motivation to exercise is no where to be found and I'm not sure where to find it!  Just Do It....Right, I know huh and stop talking about it...yes I get all that but I'm not that type of person.  It is like I'm battling with myself to be healthy and that's just sick!

I was the girl in gym that was always on the sidelines bitching/moaning about doing this or that.  I used to lie about having my periods/cramps to the PE Teacher (men coaches bought more than the women coaches) to get out of at least a week. My mom and dad were both heavy into softball and I know they wanted me to play too but please that was way too much for me.  Plus the sweating ewwww, hated that even more.  Gross!  I feel like I'm back in school fighting the coach about running. 

I need to find my motivation and I'm being honest here people.  I HATE working out.  But I can no longer avoid such a serious issue or I'm going to have some major health problems soon. 

I'm up for any suggestions.  Thanks for reading!  Want to know what's really bad...I did spell check and exercise was a word I spelled wrong 3 times- see I can't even spell the word right! 
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