Monday, June 20, 2011

Exercise- I did it!

I jumped right into it today...Monday morning on my TO DO list was exercise.  Now that's been on my TO DO list pretty much every week and every week I don't do it!  So much for following a TO DO list huh, lol! 

This weekend I was trying to find something on the TV and I stumbled on the FREE section and guess what they have Fitness Videos..who knew (not me)! There is a lot to choose from beginner to advanced.  I was so excited and made my plan last night.

  • 14 minutes of Yoga Stretching
  • 12 minutes of Hip Hop
  • 12 minutes of Abs
  • 20 minutes of Walking 
Just short of an hour but I did my damn thing!  I was huffing and puffing but to be honest I did feel better after doing it.  I plan to do this every day M-F for 3 weeks straight.  I will post my accomplishments and lets see if I can firm up before I leave on vacation on July 8th. 

I feel good that I actually did it!  It's been bothering me a lot that I'm not exercising.  So looking forward to tomorrow (did I just say that..lol)!  Motivation Motivation!!
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