Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekend Cleaning- The Good and The Ugly!

Last weekend we worked real hard getting our house inside/outside in order so we can ENJOY the summer.  I know we have a lot more to do but we were able to check off at least 10 things off our TO DO LIST.  

Saturday we cleaned the kids room and everytime I walk by them I go "awwww" because I love seeing a clean room.  Wish my kids felt the same way. I now have boxes full of stuff for the Garage Sale we are going to have on Sunday...yep Father's Day.  It feels good to get all that crap out that we are not using or don't need!  Wait until next Saturday when I really go through stuff to put in the garage sale, I might not stop LOL!

Sunday we worked out in the yard.  Pulling, cutting, pruning everything!  Weeds are not my friend that is for sure and damn they grow back fast.  Or maybe I'm just slow pulling them out- which is probably the truth.  I had to wear a bandanna around my face because I'm allergic to something out there that causes my throat to close up and that's not a good feeling.  It worked okay but I took many water breaks.  The backyard looked awesome and a place where I want to hang out.

But guess what.....the WASPS are all crazy now and they are mad at us.  Not sure what we did to piss them off but I swear if they see us outside anytime after 10am they do everything in their power to torment us.  Lovely huh!  If anyone know a NATURAL way to get rid of them please let me know.  We would like to enjoy our backyard that we worked really hard on!

Well on to research on how to get rid of Wasps- Bees creep me out!
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