Thursday, June 2, 2011

Summer Time Plans- 1 more week of school

The kids will be in camp for June, with Grandma in Wash for July, and with me in August. Okay that's the plan, wow that wasn't so hard huh! 

June will be fun for them because they still get to hangout with their close school buds and doing fun stuff!  They are looking forward to that and so am I!  I will actually have a full day to do my work and other projects- NO SCHOOL STUFF!

July will be a busy month but very FUN!  We leave on July 8th to take a trip w/the kids to WA to see my family.  We are driving up there but not rushing we plan to stop and enjoy.  My hubby and I will stay up there for a week with the kids visiting family and then we will head back to Cali w/o the kids- woohoo!!!  My mom will take the kids for 2 weeks and then meet us in Oregon to go camping for a couple days.  Then we head back w/the kids July 30th. 

August well I hope to go on a couple day trips, if nice out swimming of course, and just chillin at the house.  We will all enjoy sleeping in and spending quality time with each other.  Looking forward to that. 
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