Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kids' Clutter Driving You Crazy? FREE teleclass TONIGHT

Just got this email today- woohoo because what I'm doing this weekend- yep cleaning the kids rooms.  I wish I could wave a magical wand and that it would be all done for me but that's NOT REALITY, right!

But then I also wish THEY would clean their own rooms, which I give them credit they TRY but does it ever stand up to my standards, NOPE!  So it's mommy to the rescue this weekend.  Hoping it rains all weekend so I don't feel bad being held up in the house cleaning.  But then I also need to work out in the yard so maybe just rain 1 day, ok! 

Now back to the Kid Clutter click on link if interested in the  FREE KID CLUTTER TELECLASS !  It is TONIGHT but if you have something planned you still can sign up and they will send you and audio version- I say something is better than nothing.  I need help and so I'm reaching out to get that help, LOL! 

Need more tips/tricks: http://www.clutterdiet.com/

This week the kids have came home with BAGS of paperwork and I look at it of course but do I want to keep it all...heck no!  If they come home with more junk I'm going to SCREAM! 

(now I need to a class on messy husband and I'll be all good- oh sorry hubby if see this but just saying that side of the bed is scary looking) Wink Wink :)
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