Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a low key celebration but I know my hubby loved it this way so it's all good! 

Hubby went fishing last night for catfish (ewww) but didn't catch anything to bring home.  He loves fishing but we have to get him out of this night time fishing because he never comes home with a fish, lol! When I first met him I was like your going fishing at night WTF??  But to be honest I think its all about what you do while your fishing.  Like for example.. drinking beer, smack talking to each other, no wives/gf bossing them around, and being one with nature.  He does come home stinking like the fire pit and fishing bait so I know he is fishing somewhere :)

Today he walked in the door and I just finished cooking breakfast so that was some great timing.  He ate, showered then took a nap.  I took the kids to a friend's garage sale, to a park, home for a rest, woke daddy up, went and got Subway sandwiches then back to the park for a picnic with dad.  Rest of the time he has been on the deck drinking his beer, soaking in the sun and reading his book.  He is chillin!  I'm making him meatloaf, mac n cheese, and green beans for dinner.  Dessert is Chocolate Chip Cookies made by Lil Mama and myself.  I think overall he had a GREAT DAY! Oh yeah I got him a Artist Easel for $5 at the garage sale- so that is a big WOOHOO! 

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