Friday, June 17, 2011

Organizing Facebook "Likes"

I have over 1000 Facebook "likes"- from products, blogging friends, social media, stuff I want, kid pages, and so on...you get the picture.  I have a hard time keeping up with all the daily posts because there is a lot of posts going on through out the day...and who can spend all their time on FB is beyond me!   So I got this brilliant (lol) idea to organize the fan pages I like.  Facebook is very hard to understand or even maneuver around- or maybe it is just me.  But TODAY I figured it out and my life on Facebook is going to be so much easier.
Since I'm not a computer guru I won't have diagrams for you but I'll try my best to write out the instructions the best I can.
Create a LIST:
  • Go to Account (right hand corner)
  • Click on Edit Friends
  • Click on Create a List- I called mine "Fan Pages"
  • Click on all of your "Likes" (they are listed after your friends)- it will turn blue when you click on it- check
Need to ADD to a LIST:
  • Click on your LIST (mine was called Fan Pages)
  • Click on button "Add Multiple" 
  • Click on whoever you want to add to the list
Each friend/like can be on multiple lists so now I'm going to organize my Fan Page list into sub categories like: Mom Bloggers, Social Media, Kid Stuff, Deals, and Misc.   

Now for the BEST PART....when I just want to look at ONLY my Fan Pages all I need to do is go to News Feed page click on "Fan Pages" and boom all my LIKES are in one page.  It usually says Top News - Most Recent...click on arrow by Most Recent and it gives you several options on what to look at!  I can look at only My Family posts if I want to.  Love it!!

I hope this helps someone organize their Facebook daily experience!  I know it will for me :)

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