Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why Can't My Family LIKE to Clean- I'd be HAPPY!

I'm happier when my house is in order.  I get a little out of whack when my house is messy.  Now don't get me wrong my house is NOT PERFECT at all- it's lived in.  I do have cobwebs in corners I can't get to and I look at them everyday thinking I need to get them down.  There is clutter in every room but there is an clean version of this house I like to have.  My family well they rather live with junk surrounding them because that means they don't have to clean anything.  Cleaning is not a priority with them- they have far better things to do.  I guess cleaning shouldn't be a priority for them anyways but still help a mama out! I don't sound bitter do I?  LOL!

Getting the kids to do chores is a JOKE!  I have done written ones, iPad chore chart, reward system, and basically threats but they still ohh and aww then do them half assed.  I don't want to be that MOM that cleans their room and does everything for them- I DON'T WANT TO and it takes all of me not to!

Husband- oh my I'm just saying he shows an awesome example of WHAT NOT TO DO for the kids.  They see dad gets to keep his side of the bed messy and leaves his clothes everywhere for MOM to pick up- don't get me started on his man cave porch- eww gross but that is his space.

I know a clean house is just for me but as much as I do for these buggers you would think they would do something for me besides gives me kisses and hugs when I tell them to clean their rooms.  SMH!

This morning HomeMade Simple had a great PDF:  30 Day Organizing Schedule that I'm going to follow and see if I can get some things under control BY MYSELF!

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