Friday, March 22, 2013

REVIEW: Campbell's Slow Kettle Soup- LOVE IT!

Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soup gets a BIG 2 THUMBS UP because it is packed with flavor and very hearty.  I was full after eating it for lunch the other day. 

I love me some soup on chilly day.  I grew up on Campbell Soup but these days the soups are very different and grown up!   I like that because it makes me feel like I'm getting a full meal.  I got to try the Tuscan-Style Chicken & White Bean with Asiago Cheese, Thyme & Rosemary soup. That soup was packed with flavor and I can't wait to try another flavor like Kickin’ Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder with Flame Roasted Onions & Cayenne Pepper YUM!   

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Campbell’s Slow Kettle Style Soups


With a great variety of flavors, you are sure to find a favorite flavor ofCampbell's Slow Kettle Style Soups. Pick one of 7 different and unique flavors and enjoy!

Whether you choose to savor Slow Kettle as a snack or a meal, it will provide you with the satisfaction and fulfilling feeling just as a home cooked meal would. You deserve to slow down & savor, so try one of our soups today. Campbell’s Slow KettleStyle Soups are available in the following flavors:
  • Braised Beef Stew with Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • Roasted Potatoes & Burgundy Wine
  • Kickin’ Crab & Sweet Corn Chowder with Flame Roasted Onions & Cayenne Pepper
  • Portobello Mushroom & Madeira Bisque with Shallots, Thyme & Sage
  • Roasted Chicken & Chardonnay with Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Aged Parmesan & Pasta
  • Southwest-Style Chicken Chili with Black Beans & Sweet Corn
  • Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque with Fresh Cream & Ground Red Pepper
  • Tuscan-Style Chicken & White Bean with Asiago Cheese, Thyme & Rosemary

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Just me kickin back in my cool socks and going to enjoy my soup! 

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