Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cree and Scooter Kid's Book- We LOVE it!

My daughter loves this book and we read it a couple times a week.  She knows it by heart but still wants to read it so that makes me feel good.   Reading has been a struggle in our house for a couple months so when I see she loves it than I will encourage that.  If we have to read the same book over and over than let's do it as long as we are reading! 
Here is her video review of the book:
You can purchase the book HERE.  
Also if you are a parent please join Cree and Scooter's Parent Ambassador Program and earn rewards for sharing about the book.  Click on banner and it will bring you to the site! 
From website:
The Cree and Scooter book series will enable young readers to challenge their imagination as they learn about the world. Cree and Scooter make learning fun with every adventure and encourage readers to learn about different cultures, people, world geography, history, and language.
Cree and Scooter offer factual information creating a healthy learning environment. In each book kids are exposed to world geography, history, languages, animals, imagination, song, dance, different cultures and customs. The book was made engaging, funny and colorful with the intent to inspire kids to want to travel and learn about the globe just like Cree and Scooter. Travel with Cree and Scooter to different countries as they trail-blaze their way across the globe.
Cree and Scooter Book Series will contain:
  • Location of the country
    being visited
  • Historical, popular landmarks
    and attractions
  • Language spoken
  • Cultural aspects – entertainment,
    sports, significant dates, and
  • Customs
  • People of that country
  • Animals
  • Food
  • World Map on the front and
    back cover with the country
    being visited, colored and
    identified with the country flag
  • Mini Dictionary in back of the
    book with the most common
    used words (For example, Hello,
    Goodbye, Thank You, etc…)

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Lydia Harpe on March 26, 2013 at 10:28 AM said...

I grew up in Thailand so I definitely want the children in my classroom to be exposed to other cultures too.

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