Thursday, March 7, 2013

21 Day Meditation Challenge With Oprah and Deepak

Join us on March 11 for a transformational three-week guided meditation journey toward the triad of whole wellness—mind, body, and spirit. In our interactive online program, we invite you to meditate and journal with us each day to embrace the vision of your best self, expand your understanding of your miraculous body, and achieve greater balance and wellbeing. We encourage you to register now for our all-new 21-Day Meditation Challenge—Perfect Health. 

It’s free to participate and we will be your guides each day as together we discover how to recognize our body’s natural perfection and leverage its inherent wisdom.

From Oprah:

Deepak Chopra and I are teaming up for a new 21-day meditation challenge: Perfect Health. We'll be your personal guides. You can register here: http://goo.gl/V5RfN

What I know for sure: Stillness is the space where all creative expression, peace, and love abide.

When you can quiet your mind and reach the still space you will feel both calm and energized. From that space your best work and your best life arises.

You want to stop the busyness, the stress, and put your life in order.

BE STILL with us. http://goo.gl/V5RfN


I joined!!!  How about you?  Let me know if you did- we can help each other :)
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