Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's Not Fair! Kid Phone Issues

Wow if I have to hear those words ONE MORE TIME I'm going to BLOW, lol!  I know I did this to my mom when I was young and now I understand her frustration with us kids.  I think every parent goes through this and how you handle it is beyond me!  I want to give them that MOM STARE and walk away shaking my head but I'm sure that's not good parenting 101.

So I guess I will have to bribe one child so I can make the other child  feel better- does that make sense??  HAHA just kidding of course but that seems to work so why not.  Here is the IT'S NOT FAIR dilemma going on in our house.

Lil Man is upset that Lil Mama MIGHT get my iPhone for her 9th Birthday.  The problem is for his 10th Birthday we got him a simple flip phone but for his 11th Birthday we got him a very nice Galaxy 1 phone that does a lot. He isn't upset she is getting a phone on her 9th bday but that she is getting an iPhone.  I know this all sounds ridiculous and I agree! Kids having phones at this age- I got it and I do shake my head at why we do this BUT we live in an area or era (lol) I need them to be able to communicate with us when they are not around.  These kids are BUSY and for the past 2 years it has been very nice that my son has a phone.

Now my daughter she doesn't really want the phone to CALL OR TEXT she wants it for the APP's.  She actually wants a Ipod touch but damn we can't afford the $175 price tag.  I'm not impressed with my iPhone and would rather get a Galaxy 111 and we have the family plan so giving her this phone would be no money out of our pocket (except for the Galaxy) so for the US (the parents) it works out better.

I totally get WHY he is upset but damn, it would save us a lot money by doing it this way.  Now I guess the best way is to get her a flip phone for a year and than for her 10th birthday she can have my iPhone but that just means I don't get the Galaxy.  Geez I sound super selfish but she doesn't want the phone to call or text she wants to play the apps.  I'm confused now on what to do, LOL!

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