Monday, March 25, 2013

Pentel EnerGel X Product Review- 2 Thumbs Up

I was sent to REVIEW some awesome products from Shoplet/Pentel:

Let me tell you, I barley got to try these because my kids took them over.  The Mechanical Pencils were a big hit and each kid took them to school.  I liked the pencil because I didn't feel like the lead was going to break when I used it (other mechanical pencils do that).  Big plus for me!!! 

The Gel Pens ROCKED! The kids loved making pictures with them (see above their masterpieces) and enjoyed all the different colors.  Also they said the pens didn't smear- big plus with them.  I've seen them use other pens on their drawings and the pens smeared so they had to start their pictures over- but NOT with the  Pentel EngerGel Gel Pen

I use pens a lot at my job- writing customer orders down.  I took a couple of them to work with me  and my co-workers really tried to steal from me.  They noticed how well the pens worked- no extra ink, no smearing and the colors!  One co-worker really wanted one so I gave her Pentel EnerGel X Roller Ball Retractable Gel Pen and she still has it!  

I loved doodling with the colored gel pens- a lot fun.  The Allen Family and PinkMama gives PENTEL ENERGEL X products a big 2 Thumbs up!  

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