Friday, November 30, 2012

Join FabKids & Buy 1 Get 1 Free- GREAT DEAL

Why Sign Up Now? FabKids is so confident that you’ll love the clothes and the shopping experience that they are offering Buy your first outfit get one free! (Two outfits just $39.95). This deal won’t last forever, it’s a steal. Love it – stay in the FabKids club to get playfully styled outfits year-round. Don’t love it – cancel anytime for any reason with absolutely no strings attached. No penalties. No problem. Try FabKids today. 

Each month FabKids will suggest an outfit. These playfully styled outfits are only $39.95. It’s easy to accept the recommended outfit in a single click either via e-mail or on the site. You may also shop the collection to choose your own outfit, or simply skip the month. There is never an obligation to buy – you may “skip” as often as you’d like. 

If you are not totally delighted with the FabKids experience you may cancel your membership at any time. No problem. We’re here to make shopping for your daughter fun, easy and affordable. Period. 

We LOVE FABKIDS!  Lil Mama loves looking at the outfits each month.  We got a couple outfits for Back To School and opted out for Oct/Nov but I'm getting her something for Christmas.  Now what I liked about FABKIDS is the quality of the clothes.  Lil Mama loves all the different styles and can mix and match.  We highly recommend this site. You get 3 pieces with each outfit set. So this deal you get 2 outfits for $20 each- not bad!  

Vote and Help Children Get Digital Books- Worldreader

Worldreader is a US and European non-profit whose mission is to make digital books available to children in the developing world, so millions of people can improve their lives. 

As of October 2012, they've put over 229,000 e-books and the life-changing, power-creating ideas contained within them into the hands of 1,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Worldreader’s mission is to provide 1 Million kids in the developing world with E-books by 2015.

200 million kids in Africa live in areas where access to books is non-existent or completely insufficient. Schools are overflowing, but classrooms and libraries are empty of printed books.

Using e-readers loaded with thousands of American, European, and African e-books, we have to date reached 3,000 kids with over 200,000 e-books, so that the life-changing ideas contained within them would transform their futures.

Those children now read more, read better, and will be their county’s doctors, peacemakers, scientists, poets, and leaders.

Vote for Worldreader between 11/27/12 and 12/4/12. It's an opportunity for Worldreader to win up to $1 MILLION and to increase 'Books for all' awareness globally like never before.

VOTE HERE -Chase Community Giving on FaceBook


  • Click here and ‘Like’ Worldreader on Facebook
  • Click here and ‘Vote’ for Worldreader via Facebook
  • Visit Worldreader to learn more about the organization and how your support helps

Thanks to everyone who clicks on the VOTE button because its not always about what we GET but what we can GIVE too!

APP REVIEW- Watercolour: Basic Skills in Watercolor Painting

This book includes seven fascinating lessons in watercolour painting with interactive elements and video inserts:

1. Basic brushstrokes
2. Feather brushstroke
3. Roses and buds
4. Underpainting
5. Deciduous trees
6. Coniferous trees
7. Marine (seascape)

We enjoyed the this app a lot because it does really show you the basics of watercoloring.  I felt after watching the how to's that I actually could do it.  My daughter who is 8 watched some of the tutorials and the TREES was her favorite (mine was the roses).  She actually tried but wouldn't let me post her picture and she reads my blog so I wasn't going to get in trouble. It's not really a kid app but more for that person who really wants to try watercolor painting.  My hubby says for Christmas he is going to get me some paints so I can really TRY the app out!  I will put the iPad right next to me when I paint and see what I can do.  I highly recommend this app if you want to begin watercoloring. 

Please check out the APP HERE!  Also you can connect on FACEBOOK  and on YOUTUBE.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Week After My Hysterectomy Part 1

I think I'm doing pretty good with the recovery process!  I'm up and around and just about everything is working fine.  Maybe a little pain here and there but hey I've given birth to 3 kids and if I can handle that I definitely can deal with this!

On November 21 I went in for a hysterectomy because I needed one.  I won't go into any gory details just know I needed this surgery BAD!  Anyways, the Doctors wanted to do a laparoscopic hysterectomy but guess when they tried it was a no go so cut me open was the next option, ugh.  The recovery time is longer this way and I'm sure now I will never ever wear a bikini, LOL!  No worries I never was anyways.  Oh well however it got done- I'm alive and guess what NO MORE PERIODS for me, baby!  I love this and know it's going to change my life.

For the past year I  could hardly get out of bed for the week of my period and the PAIN...OMG really that was too much for me to handle.  I was going to get addicted to something real soon if the pain wasn't going to go away.  So this operation came at the perfect time.

Perfect timing for my health but NOT perfect timing for my family.  The day before Thanksgiving is when I go into hospital.  My hubby stepped up and made the family a great dinner plus they had neighbors show up with goodies.  I had a gross meal but hey I don't really remember it because I was on some STRONG drugs.  I didn't want the kids to see me with tubes all over me but it was the holiday week and everyone was busy.  I didn't want to be alone either.  They came up everyday and were troopers.  My son texted me all day every day!  He kept telling me I need to fart so I can come home.  Wish I never told him that.  He was awesome.  My daughter well this spooked her but she stayed strong for her mama!  Proud of that one!

I wanted to come home so bad that I did whatever it took to get the heck out of there.  They needed me to pass gas so I was up walking every hour.  I sat in the chair most of the day- did everything they asked.  The nurses smiled and laughed a lot with me so I don't think I was a difficult patient.  On the 3rd day I asked the Dr's if I could go home- they ohh'd and aww'd but I gave them that smile and told them I would be on my best behavior.  So within a hour I was released!!!  Woohoo I get to go home.

I'll write PART 2 tomorrow :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

A 3rd Grader Told Lil Mama She Was Annoying.

Little Mama came in after school and said "This girl says I'm annoying.  I've never heard that one before".  Really because I swear I've heard Lil Man tell her that on a daily basis but yes girls at school are different. I explained to her that not everyone is going to like her and it's OK!  She is at a new school this year and it's been rough for her but I do hope she opens up a bit more. Of course this hurt her feelings and pouted for about an hour. I went to a lot of schools growing up so I know how much she wants to be accepted and make friends.  She also told me the couple other girls told her that is is fine because they like her and not to worry about what the other girl said. It warmed my heart that she does have a support system there.  

I hope I dealt with that situation the way I needed to make her feel better about herself.  I grew up with low self esteem (let's be honest-still do a little) so I don't want her to doubt herself.  I want to raise a confident girl.  

How would you deal with this situation?  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Win a Miche Handbag- Ends 12/15

If you are like me I LOVE PURSES!! I've always been an admirer of Miche bags because they are nice looking and in my price range!  If you want to win one please enter below- GOOD LUCK!

Miche was started by a young homemaker who spilled something on her purse and came up with the bright idea of switching purse covers when something like that happens. I wish I would have came up with this amazing idea! She pitched her idea and now has a successful business that has turned into an up-and-coming company. Anyone can have a career with Miche {Pronounced MEECHEE} by becoming a representative. Representatives can host parties and earn commissions from products they sell. My representative, Leslie, gave me the great opportunity of trying out one of these bags and seeing first-hand what this business is all about. To get an idea of how Miche handbags are different than any other bag out there, check out the image below and read Kara's full review here.


Through Monday 11/26, Miche is having a Cyber Weekend sale with some SMOKING HOT deals. I am considering purchasing a bundle. These bags typically run around $80 or more for the whole set {base, shell, accessories}, but during the Cyber Weekend sale you can get a classic or prima "bundle" with one base bag and FOUR, yes I said FOUR, shells for just $39.95-$49.95. That's basically four handbags for 40 bucks, so 10 bucks a bag. They also have shells for just $7-$10 so if you are a Miche handbag owner and looking for a cheap, cute new shell, that sale is definitely for you! SHOP NOW before this sale ends. You can also follow Purse Friends Miche bags on Facebook here.


One lucky winner will receive a Miche prima bag with the Tereasa shell {pictured above - $79.95 value}. This giveaway will end on 12/15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time and is open to U.S. residents.

Please enter on the Promo Simple form below

PinkMama's Place is not responsible for shipping of product!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Canvas People - 60% Off ALL Canvases + FREE SHIPPING

Transform Your Photo to Canvas now! Your Friends & Family will Love Your Canvas Print. 
The Lowest Price, Highest Quality Photo to Canvas Printing.

8x 10 Canvas Reg 49.99 now on SALE for $20.00!!!  All sizes on sale.  

Click HERE to get this deal!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Sears Holiday Cheer: $15.00 Sears Card Giveaway!

What kind of Christmas decor do you want to rock in your house this year? Don't know... well you better check out SEARS CHEER HEADQUARTERS and their ONLINE CHRISTMAS SHOP.  I spent hours looking at all the holiday decorations!  Of course I found a couple items I really want.  I tend to do a lot of my shopping online and Sears helps me get that done.  

Ty Pennington Style  Silver Tree Top Star $10.49- We don't have a Tree Topper so this looks real cool! 

Trim A Home®  48'' Tree Skirt Gold/Cream - Santa $15.74 On sale (reg $25)- Oh my I really would love to get this tree skirt!  I made one and it looks like I made it too! 

Ornaments for the kids- each year I buy them one but look here I can get these for them and they are both under $10!  What a DEAL!  My mom did this for us- she would buy us an ornament usually put it in our stocking and when we moved out of the house and had our own Christmas tree she gave us all our ornaments back to us. So I'm following  the tradition. 

Guess what else you can do at SEARS- FREE LAYAWAY!! I try to plan ahead (doesn't always happen) so having stores like Sears/Kmart help me get the gifts that I want to give to the kids plus pay what fits our budget is just what I need! Please check out SEARS LAYAWAY PLAN here.  

Also make sure you enter the Holiday Home Makeover Sweepstakes!~  the prize is a visit from Ty Pennington & his design team to your home to re-decorate! Join Shop Your Way to enter.

But wait...GUESS WHAT?  PinkMama's Place is able to give 1 Reader a $15 Sears Gift Card- thanks to Sears and Smiley360!  I also received a $15 Sears Gift Card to do some holiday decorating! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1st Step PRO-WELLNESS REVIEW~ 2 Thumps Up!


1st Step PRO-WELLNESS came into my life at the RIGHT TIME.  I've been feeling very tired all the time plus extra grumpy (ask my family)!  During the weekdays I play the mom/homemaker role so that means I wear many hats and I'm going in many different directions.  Most of the time I feel overwhelmed but that's just me thinking too much! On weekends I'm SUPER WAITRESS so my energy level is being tested all the time.  I have to say I wish I had a lifetime supply of 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS!

Why~ Because it did exactly what is said it would (see below)

  • Happy~ OMG at work nothing bothered me I kept on taking those orders and dealing with crazy co-workers with a smile on my face.  At home I didn't get irritated that much when my kids started acting up or when my hubby was playing Xbox when I needed his help doing something!  
  • Healthy~ I felt GOOD!  The last couple months getting me to feel half way human was accomplishment.  I actually felt like I'm OK!  LOL!  It gave me a boost and bounce to my walk.  
  • Energized ~ LOL!  I was like a bunny this week!  I put up curtains that I've had for almost a year, I cleaned out old clothes and toys to donate, plus I did the yearly garbage curbside pickup- got all the crap out (ok 80%).  I got stuff DONE!  It feels good to!  
I highly recommend plus give 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS 2 Thumbs UP!  

The best part of this product is the TASTE!  The energy drinks I've taken in the past are NASTY and I barely get them down.  Not 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS OMG it tastes yummy and I don't make any weird faces drinking it.  My co-worker watched me take one before my shift and later in the day she told me "Wow Pam you had a great day and smiled the whole time"  YES I DID!  Plus there was NO CRASH!  


Details: Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Energized with Fast Acting Liquid B-­‐12 Complex.

‘B’ Happy. Women are in constant pursuit of energy to keep up with their busy lives. However, relying on soft drinks, coffee and other stimulants can take a toll on physical and mental health. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS is the nutritional brand, made specifically for women, offering a superior tasting, and natural alternative to artificial flavoring that is safe and effective to take daily. We use fruit juices -­‐ natural cherry, passion fruit, mango, and papaya -­‐ sourced directly from orchards on U.S. soil.

‘B’ Healthy. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Liquid Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex is a healthy alternative that not only enhances energy, but also provides the wellness benefits of B-­‐12, B-­‐9 and B-­‐6 vitamins women’s bodies need to work efficiently and effectively. The B complex is of critical importance to metabolism, the nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin, and hair. Our 99% pure pharmaceutical-­‐grade B-­‐12 complex begins quickly converting food into energy to give you the daily energy you need, while helping to enhance your mental health over time. Our B-­‐12 complex uses ONLY the highest quality B-­‐vitamins for a fast-­‐absorbing liquid without artificial flavoring powders and chemicals. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex does not contain caffeine, niacin or artificial flavorings.

‘B’ Energized. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Liquid Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex helps enhance your energy naturally with B-­‐12 rather than relying on drinks full of sugar, caffeine, artificial flavorings and a line-­‐up of unrecognizable ingredients. Without your full complement of B vitamins, you can wind up feeling tired and worn out. The water-­‐ soluble B vitamins are a crucial part of your metabolism and are intimately involved in the production of energy from food. 

Feel free to use these bullet points within your blog post or as jumping off points for your review.
  • When we think instant energy, we think of caffeinated soft drinks, taurine-­‐boosted energy drinks, and calorie-­‐packed cafĂ© lattes. Enhancing energy can be healthy. Benefit from an energy source that is natural, great tasting and nutritional.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS delivers high quality, great-­‐tasting, natural supplements designed to energize women and help them tackle everyday challenges.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS advocates for the health of everyday women by providing an option for natural energy that makes you feel as great as it tastes.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is designed specifically for everyday women.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex does not contain caffeine, niacin or artificial
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is gluten free and 100% vegetarian.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS is redefining what great tasting energy means – stripping the mentality that energy drinks need sugar, artificial flavorings and a line-­‐up of unrecognizable ingredients.
  • The 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is made from natural cherry, passion fruit, mango, and papaya juices, sourced directly from orchards on U.S. soil. Providing natural energy without artificial ingredients of flavoring powders and chemicals.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex features 99% pure pharmaceutical grade B-­‐ 12 – delivering the purest form of B-­‐12 possible.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is in liquid form and absorbs almost immediately, reaching the bloodstream quickly and allowing the body to absorb the majority of the supplement, unlike pill forms.
  • For more than 10 years, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS brand has been the nutritional brand of choice by more than 330 collegiate and pro sports teams, as well as countless elite female and male athletes because it works.
  • The great tasting cherry and tropical flavors of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex helps encourage daily use of the all-­‐natural supplement
  • According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 2011 edition, long-­‐term supplementation of daily oral vitamin B12 and B9 promotes improvement in cognitive function.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex can be used as both a vitamin supplement and an energy enhancement. Take vitamin B-­‐12 once daily as you start your day, or take a dose whenever you need an extra energy boost to keep going. Take vitamin B-­‐12 everyday for energy and cognitive wellness benefits.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS offers a variety of vitamins and supplements designed for women to promote healthy nutrition, muscles, bones, joints, heart and weight. 

    1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS products are available nationwide at Walgreens, Bi Lo, Publix, Kroger and more than 2,000 independent retailers.


  • Online Coupon: coupon for $4 off: http://1ststepprowellness.com/$4_coupon.pdf.

    Facebook Contest:
    As part of the taste test challenge, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELNESS is hosting a Great Taste Challenge on Facebook. Beginning October 29, 2012, we invite you and your readers to taste 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex and enter our photo contest!
    • WHAT DO YOU WIN? There is a first and second place winner. The first place winner will receive a one-­‐year supply of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS swag and a gift card to Walgreens. The runner up receives a 6-­‐ month supply of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex and 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS swag. Additionally, if one of your readers is the winner, you receive a 3-­‐month supply of B-­‐12!
    • WHEN DOES THE CONTEST BEGIN/END? The contest begins October 29, 2012 at 8 a.m. EST and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. EST November 19, 2012.
    • WHO CAN ENTER? Anyone can enter! You just need to have a Facebook account to participate. 


    If you would like to learn more about 1s Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS, stay on top of current supplement trends and product offers, please feel free to connect through social media

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/1stStepProWellness
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/1stStepWellness
    Google+: www.gplus.to/1stStep
    Blog: www.1ststepprowellness.com/blog 

    I was given this product for free to try but my opinions are my very own!

    Wednesday, November 14, 2012

    Countdown to Going Under the Knife~ 7 Days Left

    People have been asking right and left...Are you scared?  Ummmm HELL YEAH!  But what can I do about it- nothing but wait for the day to come.  What scares me the most is my kids though.  They have been on pins and needles for the past couple months because I've been so sick.  They have seen me in the hospital with all the tubes and then they cry (of course).  This is been stressing them so much they are having a hard time at school. My son won't stay the night at anyone's house because he is afraid to be away from me.

    I was trying to get the kids to go to friends houses while I was in surgery on Wednesday but everyone is either out of town or busy so that plan tanked!  They will have to go to hospital with me but I've decided that as soon as I'm admitted they can go home and come back when it is over!  I would love for my hubby to be there with me but not putting my kids through seeing me with tubes and all that other hospital stuff is far more important.  Wishing family was near but hey that's what I get for moving away from them!

    Also another stress is money!  What a horrible time to have surgery and be out of work for 3-4 weeks!  I've done some shopping for the holiday season and plan to make some gifts too!  I work at a cafe that doesn't have sick time or paid vacation so I'm on my own with this one.  My hubby is being so supportive and telling me not to worry about it but I'm the mom/wife and I will worry!

    I will have to remember:

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    REVIEW: I Love You in 120 Different Languages Onyx Pendant

    OMG NanoStyle Jewelry is so beautiful and UNIQUE! I've always loved Onyx so when I opened this package I was super excited!  I was in shock...really I get to review this awesome piece of jewelry! 

    Then my daughter saw it and it was all done she wanted it!  Ummmm NO!  See what beautiful jewelry does- makes the girls in the house fight over it!  I took pictures with her wearing the necklace but she isn't going to get this one from me- I might let her borrow it for a special occasions.  

    It also came with a tiny magnifying glass to see all the different languages saying I LOVE YOU!  Just beautiful! 

    PinkMama and Lil Mama gives this product 4 thumbs up!  

    There are many beautiful cubic zirconia and onyx pieces at NanoStyle.com  that I would love to have or give as gifts.  They offer pendants that represent Token of Love, Zodiac, Universal, Christianity, Judism, and New Age. Through these collections NanoStyle loves to connect people of faith and spirituality with beauty and meaning.  

    Also mid-end of November (this month) they will be featuring brand new ring collections, as well as more range in existing categories and updated designs of existing pendants.  I can't wait to see the rings!

    The "I Love You in 120 Languages Onyx Pendant" contains the words "I Love You" translated in 120 different languages, embedded in 24kt gold onto a single onyx pendant. But there's more to the design, the heart symbol is also appropriately incorporated into it. This is one of NanoStyle's most popular & best-selling items & has even been worn by Pamela Anderson: http://bit.ly/P43r2V

    Connect on Facebook~ https://www.facebook.com/NanoJewelry
    NanoStyle Website~ http://www.nanostyle.com/

    I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

    VistaPrint.com~ Holiday Freebies and Deals

    This holiday season, Vistaprint is your destination for inspired gifts for everyone on your list. Start by spreading cheer to family, friends and coworkers with customizable holiday cards to celebrate the season—and get them free! For a limited time, they're giving their customers six free, customizable gifts that are sure to be the perfect stocking stuffers and holiday hits. 

    Choose from holiday cards, photo calendars, mugs, t-shirts, business cards, and tote bags, sticky notes, and small stamps all for free—just pay for shipping and processing! And as a bonus, you can also get sticky notes and small stamps for free! Watch with joy as Dad unwraps 250 specially-designed business cards for his new business endeavor. Reminisce over your favorite memories as you page through a 2013 wall calendar featuring all of your beloved photos from 2012. And most importantly, you can be proud that you put a thoughtful, personal touch on every gift under your tree. 

    This year, skip the same-old stocking stuffers and create something they’ll truly cherish. And pay, well, next to nothing. 

    Shipping Starting Price:· Holiday Cards: starts at $5.23
    · Desk/Wall Photo Calendar: $5.23
    · Mug: $5.78
    · T-Shirts: $5.99
    · Business Cards: $5.99
    · Tote Bag: $5.26
    · Sticky Note: $4.77
    · Stamp: $5.99


    Watch your children’s eyes widen with excitement after seeing their name on their own red plush Vistaprint stocking hanging from your mantel. After all, children and adults alike are sure to love having this memorable holiday keepsake every holiday season. Christmas stockings are easy to customize, fun to show off, and always add the perfect personal element to gift giving.

    Simply choose a name and font to begin creating a holiday gift that you’ll enjoy for years to come – and that’s as unique as you.

    And for only $7.99 plus FREE shipping, now you can shop once and deliver cheer to everyone on your holiday list. Just one of the many reasons to shop at Vistaprint this season.


    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    Bloggers Wanted~ Miche Handbag Event Sign up NOW!

    Bloggers Wanted!! Join the Miche Handbag Event, hosted by Kara’s Deals and Steals.
    Prize: Complete Miche handbag – Prima Base with Tereasa Shell {$79.95 Value}
    Giveaway Dates: November 17 – December 1
    Open to the Continental U.S. Bloggers can choose a free link for posting and promoting the giveaway! There are paid options and host pages available as well. Sign up here.

    Also let them know PinkMama's Place sent you!

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Meet My Hubby~ Ron Allen

    I met my hubby at a Luckys Grocery Store a week after I got to the Bay Area.  I sure wasn't looking for a relationship but there he was and it just seemed RIGHT!

    We started talking a lot and he had me laughing everyday- something that hadn't happen in a long time. We started dating then moved in with each other and within 2 years got pregnant with our 1st child.  Now the first 2 years was rough for both of us- I didn't trust him and he wasn't used to having an official girlfriend who he lived with so we tested boundaries and even broke up for a bit but BAM baby on board brought us back together (we still lived together- so sleeping together was still happening).  At that point we made commitment to each other that we will make it work for the sake of our family.

    We have had many ups and downs but came through each one holding hands and head high so we make a GREAT TEAM.  We got married 6 years ago (been together almost 14 yrs) and haven't looked back yet.  We plan to be together for the long haul.  Of course we have a our bad days but damn this man makes me laugh everyday and my heart loves that.

    This past year has been rough on all of us.  I was sick and didn't really know it- just chalked it up to getting older and this is what happens.  My hubby was a trooper on days I was unable to get out of bed and on days that I just bite his head off for saying "Hi"!  With my health issues this past 5 weeks he has been my ROCK!  If I ever doubted his love I don't anymore.  He even told me one day we were talking that he made vows before God and he takes those vows serious!  I got me a keeper!!!

    He is also an AIRBRUSH ARTIST~ Check out some of his work.

    You can LIKE his FanPage on FaceBook~ https://www.facebook.com/mrairbrushhands

    WIN~ Naughty Makeover for Nice Girls Book

    Naughty is the new Nice.. That’s the mantra and message of the new “tell-all” how-to paperback, physical book from beauty maestro Dimitri James. In Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls, James creates a new kind of finishing school–one for nice girls who always finish anywhere but first. Tired of seeing the many “nice girls” in his life constantly overlooked, James, a celebrity makeup artist, style guru and television personality, offers a lively and entertaining read full of actionable tips and tricks, showing you how to get whom and what you want. Those open the book will learn how to look classy, not trashy, trading the prim, proper uniform of “safe” clothing, makeup and hair for something sexier and more inviting, but still situation-appropriate. “You would be surprised how many women don’t know how to use clothes and makeup to market themselves in various social or professional settings,” says James. “‘Nice’ girls are invisible, and ‘trashy’ ones go over the top. ‘Naughty’ is the happy medium that pushes the envelope without crossing the line.” Thus, James challenges the traditional connotations of the word “naughty” and redefines it as a spirit that can change both image and self-perception for the better. In chapters that range from “Naughty at Work” to “Naughty First Date” to “Naughty Traveler” and “Yummy Mommy,” the author shows readers how to dress outside the box and re-vamp their beauty regimens to add sizzle to their style for all seasons and occasions. Flip open the physical book to almost any page and find a small gem of wisdom, or a stunningly clear depiction of “nice” vs. “naughty” vs. “trashy,” all sprinkled with James’ trademark wit, candor and spirit of camaraderie. Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls is loaded with makeup and fashion advice to empower a Nice Girl to transform herself into a spicy but classy woman in every situation. So, go ahead and channel your inner naughty. Instead of fading into the background, become a star in your own life!

    Please check out my REVIEW HERE ~ One PinkMama's Reader will WIN a copy of this book!

    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    Coupons.com: Breakfast-Home--Kraft-Snacks

    Breakfast In the Home Meals at Home (Kraft) Snacks & Desserts

    Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    Jumpstart.com Madagascar Review and GIVEAWAY!

    Does your family LOVE Madagascar?  If so then you will love the new games on Jumpstart.com.  All of the zoo animals and characters from the film plus the Penguins which get their own underground headquarters are included.  The new European train ride is a great way for children to explore a little geography and culture as well. Additionally, the Central Park Zoo features fun facts and puzzles about the zoo animals and their natural habitats.

    From Website~

    • Explore the Central Park Zoo with your Madagascar friends Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria.
    • Zooster Slide Puzzles: Visit Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria in the new Central Park Zoo and see if you have what it takes to slide each of their puzzle pieces into the correct positions. Once you have it all figured out, you’ll find a perfect portrait of your favorite Zooster.
    • Talk to the Zoosters: Not surprisingly, the Zoosters have lots to say.
    • Sneak on over to the Penguin Headquarters under the Central Park Zoo
    • The Madagascar™ penguins need reinforcements in their latest operation, Tourist Transform! Using Kowalski’s latest invention, the Transmorpher Translator, and your stellar classifying skills, you’ll be turning unsuspecting Jumpees into the perfect stand in zoo animals. With enough practice and time spent in the European Habitat, the Zoo personnel won’t even know the difference.
    • Travel over to Venice via the train from the Central Park Zoo
    • Hide n’ Seek with Mort: With the recent addition of Madagascar to JumpStart®, Mort has taken advantage of his spacious new home. Our energetic lemur has set up shop in the middle of Venice, looking for his next challenger in a round of Hide n’ Seek. See if you can find our small lemur in the big land of Venice.
    • Italian Art: Italy is well known for its amazing food, stunning landmarks and the famous Italian art. JumpStart has brought some history to the streets of Venice. Located around the world, are famous works of art created by some of the most influential artists in history. Clicking on these masterpieces gives you’re a brief description surrounding the piece. Dive in and become a more sophisticated Jumpee!
    • Photo Bomb: In JumpStart®, the tourists of Italy have been capturing memories of their adventures to cherish forever. What they don’t know is who is photo bombing these pictures! That’s right, you get to sneak into these tourists’ pictures and choose a silly pose to make these pictures ones the tourists will never forget.
    • Penguin Fireworks: Private loves to watch those bright lights and got Kowalski to help him out on a project. Kowalski has created an invention to set off fireworks in Venice, but not without a challenge. You must grab all of the missing pieces before the time runs out and if you succeed, KABOOM, the show starts. After the show ends, you are even given a sparkler to show all the other Jumpees you are the reason they got to view this spectacular fireworks show!
    • Zoovenier Prize Wheel: Trying to chase down a much needed Transmorpher Zoovenier can be time consuming; now there is a second option! The prize cannon will allow you to shoot out and have the opportunity of winning some awesome Zooveniers. It’s fast, easy, and exhilarating!
    • Surf n’ Slide with the Zoosters
    • Choose a ride and help the young Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman slide past each challenging learning game. Upon completing each surf run through the 4 Madagascar™ themed levels, your little learners are awarded stickers to add to their growing sticker book. With easy controls and unlimited game plan

    Both my kids really enjoyed playing different games.  Lil Mama loves dressing up in the and visiting the zoo then taking the train.  Lil Man loves playing all the games on boardwalk,  As a mom I love that Jumpstart offers educational games as well as just plain FUN games.  I've printed Madagascar worksheets for Lil Mama and she loves them.  Lil Man is going on 11 and thinks this is too baby for him but I've caught him playing a couple times so even 10 3/4 yr old kids can enjoy the world of Jumpstart and Madagascar.  They both liked the Transmorpher game. PinkMama's Place gives Jumpstart.com 2 thumbs up!

    Jumpstart.com offers so much for kids and parents.  You can have pets, make friends, play games, worksheets, puzzles, and much more.  We also play Mathblaster.com which the kids love practicing their math on there instead of printed worksheets.  If you want to know what games are educational there is a light bulb next to them. 

    We like having a memebership because there is so much offered~ 

    Monthly Membership~ $8.99
    Annual Membership~ $74.99
    Lifetime Membership~ $149.99

    Jumpstart.com is a awesome website for kids and GUESS WHAT...One PinkMama's Reader will win a 3 month subscription to Jumpstart.com 

    Also explore JumpStart Blog at http://blog.jumpstart.com for information about the latest additions to the game. Also have a JumpStart gamer guide available at http://www.jumpstart.com/CustomerCare/game-guide.aspx 

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     I was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by JumpStart in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

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