Friday, November 9, 2012

Meet My Hubby~ Ron Allen

I met my hubby at a Luckys Grocery Store a week after I got to the Bay Area.  I sure wasn't looking for a relationship but there he was and it just seemed RIGHT!

We started talking a lot and he had me laughing everyday- something that hadn't happen in a long time. We started dating then moved in with each other and within 2 years got pregnant with our 1st child.  Now the first 2 years was rough for both of us- I didn't trust him and he wasn't used to having an official girlfriend who he lived with so we tested boundaries and even broke up for a bit but BAM baby on board brought us back together (we still lived together- so sleeping together was still happening).  At that point we made commitment to each other that we will make it work for the sake of our family.

We have had many ups and downs but came through each one holding hands and head high so we make a GREAT TEAM.  We got married 6 years ago (been together almost 14 yrs) and haven't looked back yet.  We plan to be together for the long haul.  Of course we have a our bad days but damn this man makes me laugh everyday and my heart loves that.

This past year has been rough on all of us.  I was sick and didn't really know it- just chalked it up to getting older and this is what happens.  My hubby was a trooper on days I was unable to get out of bed and on days that I just bite his head off for saying "Hi"!  With my health issues this past 5 weeks he has been my ROCK!  If I ever doubted his love I don't anymore.  He even told me one day we were talking that he made vows before God and he takes those vows serious!  I got me a keeper!!!

He is also an AIRBRUSH ARTIST~ Check out some of his work.

You can LIKE his FanPage on FaceBook~ https://www.facebook.com/mrairbrushhands

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