Monday, November 26, 2012

A 3rd Grader Told Lil Mama She Was Annoying.

Little Mama came in after school and said "This girl says I'm annoying.  I've never heard that one before".  Really because I swear I've heard Lil Man tell her that on a daily basis but yes girls at school are different. I explained to her that not everyone is going to like her and it's OK!  She is at a new school this year and it's been rough for her but I do hope she opens up a bit more. Of course this hurt her feelings and pouted for about an hour. I went to a lot of schools growing up so I know how much she wants to be accepted and make friends.  She also told me the couple other girls told her that is is fine because they like her and not to worry about what the other girl said. It warmed my heart that she does have a support system there.  

I hope I dealt with that situation the way I needed to make her feel better about herself.  I grew up with low self esteem (let's be honest-still do a little) so I don't want her to doubt herself.  I want to raise a confident girl.  

How would you deal with this situation?  

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