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1st Step PRO-WELLNESS REVIEW~ 2 Thumps Up!


1st Step PRO-WELLNESS came into my life at the RIGHT TIME.  I've been feeling very tired all the time plus extra grumpy (ask my family)!  During the weekdays I play the mom/homemaker role so that means I wear many hats and I'm going in many different directions.  Most of the time I feel overwhelmed but that's just me thinking too much! On weekends I'm SUPER WAITRESS so my energy level is being tested all the time.  I have to say I wish I had a lifetime supply of 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS!

Why~ Because it did exactly what is said it would (see below)

  • Happy~ OMG at work nothing bothered me I kept on taking those orders and dealing with crazy co-workers with a smile on my face.  At home I didn't get irritated that much when my kids started acting up or when my hubby was playing Xbox when I needed his help doing something!  
  • Healthy~ I felt GOOD!  The last couple months getting me to feel half way human was accomplishment.  I actually felt like I'm OK!  LOL!  It gave me a boost and bounce to my walk.  
  • Energized ~ LOL!  I was like a bunny this week!  I put up curtains that I've had for almost a year, I cleaned out old clothes and toys to donate, plus I did the yearly garbage curbside pickup- got all the crap out (ok 80%).  I got stuff DONE!  It feels good to!  
I highly recommend plus give 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS 2 Thumbs UP!  

The best part of this product is the TASTE!  The energy drinks I've taken in the past are NASTY and I barely get them down.  Not 1st Step PRO-WELLNESS OMG it tastes yummy and I don't make any weird faces drinking it.  My co-worker watched me take one before my shift and later in the day she told me "Wow Pam you had a great day and smiled the whole time"  YES I DID!  Plus there was NO CRASH!  


Details: Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Energized with Fast Acting Liquid B-­‐12 Complex.

‘B’ Happy. Women are in constant pursuit of energy to keep up with their busy lives. However, relying on soft drinks, coffee and other stimulants can take a toll on physical and mental health. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS is the nutritional brand, made specifically for women, offering a superior tasting, and natural alternative to artificial flavoring that is safe and effective to take daily. We use fruit juices -­‐ natural cherry, passion fruit, mango, and papaya -­‐ sourced directly from orchards on U.S. soil.

‘B’ Healthy. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Liquid Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex is a healthy alternative that not only enhances energy, but also provides the wellness benefits of B-­‐12, B-­‐9 and B-­‐6 vitamins women’s bodies need to work efficiently and effectively. The B complex is of critical importance to metabolism, the nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin, and hair. Our 99% pure pharmaceutical-­‐grade B-­‐12 complex begins quickly converting food into energy to give you the daily energy you need, while helping to enhance your mental health over time. Our B-­‐12 complex uses ONLY the highest quality B-­‐vitamins for a fast-­‐absorbing liquid without artificial flavoring powders and chemicals. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex does not contain caffeine, niacin or artificial flavorings.

‘B’ Energized. 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Liquid Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex helps enhance your energy naturally with B-­‐12 rather than relying on drinks full of sugar, caffeine, artificial flavorings and a line-­‐up of unrecognizable ingredients. Without your full complement of B vitamins, you can wind up feeling tired and worn out. The water-­‐ soluble B vitamins are a crucial part of your metabolism and are intimately involved in the production of energy from food. 

Feel free to use these bullet points within your blog post or as jumping off points for your review.
  • When we think instant energy, we think of caffeinated soft drinks, taurine-­‐boosted energy drinks, and calorie-­‐packed cafĂ© lattes. Enhancing energy can be healthy. Benefit from an energy source that is natural, great tasting and nutritional.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS delivers high quality, great-­‐tasting, natural supplements designed to energize women and help them tackle everyday challenges.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS advocates for the health of everyday women by providing an option for natural energy that makes you feel as great as it tastes.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is designed specifically for everyday women.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex does not contain caffeine, niacin or artificial
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is gluten free and 100% vegetarian.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS is redefining what great tasting energy means – stripping the mentality that energy drinks need sugar, artificial flavorings and a line-­‐up of unrecognizable ingredients.
  • The 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is made from natural cherry, passion fruit, mango, and papaya juices, sourced directly from orchards on U.S. soil. Providing natural energy without artificial ingredients of flavoring powders and chemicals.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex features 99% pure pharmaceutical grade B-­‐ 12 – delivering the purest form of B-­‐12 possible.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex is in liquid form and absorbs almost immediately, reaching the bloodstream quickly and allowing the body to absorb the majority of the supplement, unlike pill forms.
  • For more than 10 years, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS brand has been the nutritional brand of choice by more than 330 collegiate and pro sports teams, as well as countless elite female and male athletes because it works.
  • The great tasting cherry and tropical flavors of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex helps encourage daily use of the all-­‐natural supplement
  • According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, December 2011 edition, long-­‐term supplementation of daily oral vitamin B12 and B9 promotes improvement in cognitive function.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS Vitamin B-­‐12 Complex can be used as both a vitamin supplement and an energy enhancement. Take vitamin B-­‐12 once daily as you start your day, or take a dose whenever you need an extra energy boost to keep going. Take vitamin B-­‐12 everyday for energy and cognitive wellness benefits.
  • 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS offers a variety of vitamins and supplements designed for women to promote healthy nutrition, muscles, bones, joints, heart and weight. 

    1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS products are available nationwide at Walgreens, Bi Lo, Publix, Kroger and more than 2,000 independent retailers.


  • Online Coupon: coupon for $4 off: http://1ststepprowellness.com/$4_coupon.pdf.

    Facebook Contest:
    As part of the taste test challenge, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELNESS is hosting a Great Taste Challenge on Facebook. Beginning October 29, 2012, we invite you and your readers to taste 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex and enter our photo contest!
    • WHAT DO YOU WIN? There is a first and second place winner. The first place winner will receive a one-­‐year supply of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex, 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS swag and a gift card to Walgreens. The runner up receives a 6-­‐ month supply of 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS B-­‐12 Complex and 1st Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS swag. Additionally, if one of your readers is the winner, you receive a 3-­‐month supply of B-­‐12!
    • WHEN DOES THE CONTEST BEGIN/END? The contest begins October 29, 2012 at 8 a.m. EST and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. EST November 19, 2012.
    • WHO CAN ENTER? Anyone can enter! You just need to have a Facebook account to participate. 


    If you would like to learn more about 1s Step PRO-­‐WELLNESS, stay on top of current supplement trends and product offers, please feel free to connect through social media

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    Blog: www.1ststepprowellness.com/blog 

    I was given this product for free to try but my opinions are my very own!

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